Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

With all of the events out there, I keep finding myself going over to Devin Vaughn’s blog to check for what events are going on or coming up soon and to grab the most current location.  So this page is mostly for my own sanity so I can quickly grab a landmark in case I accidentally deleted it out of my constantly crazy inventory.   I highly recommend checking out Devin’s blog as he also lists one-time events and special events as well as those on the regular rhythm.

Weekly Sales

Fi*Fridays 55L
50 Linden Friday 50L
Lazy Sunday 75L
The Neighborhood 200L
Secret 60 60L
Sixty Linden Weekend 60L
25L Tuesday 25L
Woeful Wednesdays 50L

Bi-Weekly Events

Chapter Four
Creators Warehouse
Dressing Room Fusion
The Limited Bazaar

Monthly Events

The Challenge
The Co-Op
49L Sale for Dudes
The Garden
Horror Haute
The Men’s Department
The N-Twenty1 Event
The Outlet
Romp – New Monthly Event!
The Seelie Court – New Monthly Event!
We Love Role Play

Bi-Monthly Events

Seraphim Social

Quarterly Events

The Arcade

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