Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I’m never satisfied for long. Its true. Despite my infamous creature-of-habitness, when it comes to the sim we live on, I’m always tinkering, adjusting, playing, and changing. This is the main reason I don’t host a permanent mall-type or shops sim at all. I have to keep changing it around every time I get one …

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In the eight years I’ve been in Second Life, I’ve constructed many a cave; underground, in the air, skyboxes. Under cities, under castles, sprawling dungeons, subways and hide-a-ways. They all sucked. Welcome to the next generation of Spelunking: The Fanatik Cave Set.

Creepers may have noticed I’ve been awol for awhile from my blog. As I mentioned in my catch-up post, I’ve been working and traveling and not really around these parts for much of the last month but September continues in the same vein. A blissfully fun vacation in Vegas with my partner followed by me …

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