Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Nigel Cleanslate (nee Riel) is an internal state-of-being made virtual flesh on Second Life;

  • bad/good boy (what? It depends on my mood)
  • mentor (Member of Second Life Mentors before they disappeared)
  • teacher (Member of Second Life Instructors)
  • builder (Self-Employed Primslinger, just without the cowboy boots. The spurs and chaps are optional, but look good. Custom from housing to full sims including FFL and other Charitable works.)
  • photographer (Flickr Addict, LumiPRO nut, snapaholic extraordinaire. Personal and custom)
  • DJ (Goth/Industrial/EBM/80’s specialties.. but don’t think I can’t sling a hairband set or the best lounge music at 3:15 on a saturday morning. I’m kinda ecclectic.)
  • Professional nutjob

What kind of blogging is goin’ on here, exactly?

Male Fashion, Art, Music, Fiction and things of that nature that I like in Second Life. And if by doing so the creators I dig get a little extra press, bonus.  But what kinds of things does Nigel like, you may wonder?  Some call it Nancy Boy, or Femmy, or just slutboy chic. Whatever you call it, I tend toward the clothes that match the music: leathers and velvets, lace and high heeled boots under denim and ripped stockings. Tattoos and piercings and boys in make-up. You’re just as likely to see me in a biker jacket, ripped up denim jeans and stompy, leather boots with fabulous lace attached as you are to see me in ripped up, open boyshorts with lace thigh-highs and a pair of kickass spiked heel boots. So that kinda fashion. That kinda Art. That kinda music.

There will be links to fashion bloggers I love and those who may not always cover styles I like, but sometimes they do. People like Strawberry who cover a myriad of styles and fashions and who goes out of her way to share tips and tricks and new toys for content creators and photographers.

Fiction, you say! Why yes, Fiction. I like to write in the same vein (ba dum ch!) as the music and fashion I surround myself with so you may ocassionally see some dark, creepy, and ocassionally funny fiction based on characters from the SL world.

Finally, It is purely Second Life and nothing else. So don’t come pokin’ around lookin’ for the latest viral video or what have you. Ain’t gonna happ’n, cap’n.

What kinda blogging ain’t goin on here, exactly?

Lets call it “Top 40 Fashion”.  Its like the flimsy, one-hit wonders of the musical world that race up the charts with no further depth to them than a bubble-gum wrapper.  So if you’re looking for the latest trends- you probably won’t find it. My creature of Habitness keeps me in some pretty specific genres of fashion.  I’m not out to be a hotspot or the Word on Goth Fashion… there’s THOUSANDS of blogs out there on SL Fashion. And some DAMNED good ones.  I have my little corner and I’m happy with it.

And now that I sound like a complete asshole, I assure you, I’m actually a rather nice guy. Too nice, some might say. Just because I don’t personally wear and like a lot of the trendy stuff, doesn’t mean it sucks. There are so many amazingly creative content creators and designers in SL that do wonderful work- it just isn’t my style. For example,  I have never and probably won’t ever shop at KMADD, as its not my style, but wow they’ve done a hell of a lot for SL Men’s Fashion and I tip my hat to them.

I’m a retired goth in real life. My apathy for “the norm” knows no bounds.

Suck it up, Buttercup. Bite the apple.

One thought on “Meet The Creeper

  1. Elle Couerblanc says:

    Your about me is absolutely captivating. It’s so sassy which is just how I love it. 🙂

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