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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I’m a creature of habit. Plain and simple. I like my routine. I am, generally, predictable. To those who think that predictable and routine are tantamount to boring, I say thee naaaaaaay. For you see, when I get something new or change something or do something out of the ordinary, it’s like Christmas for everyone. It is easy to surprise people when you’re usually just cruising comfortably in the middle lane

For me, rushing out the MOMENT I found out the SLink male body had been released was one of those passing lane moments. Get outta the way, pedal to the metal.

And I love it.


It is no secret that I dislike the TMP body for men.  Everything from the swayed, babboonesque arch of the back into a bubble butt that makes anyone wearing it look like a spring chicken at their first gay bar to that insane HUD shopping experience. Being unable to increase the body size beyond annorexic super model just never did it for me. It just isn’t my cup of tea. And even after months of waiting for the skin makers I prefer to do appliers, only one released a single skin for it.

Similarly, the Aesthetic body which is taking the Gym Queen(tm) circles by storm is way too muscular for me. I tried it on and even with the sliders turned all the way down I felt like I’d put on one of those carnival Strongman suits. It’s a beautifully done mesh body, but again, not for me.

In the rush for extremes, the middle of the road has been sorely lacking. So before you think “Meh, it’s so normal” stop for a moment and consider the fact that most of us are just that: normal. While it isn’t a moniker that usually applies to me in any sense of the word, when it comes to my shape, it is.

Oh sure, I had to tweak myself quite a bit to make me look like me still in the SLink body, but I was able to do so. The sliders are extremely responsive. Most notably, my “thickness” is maxed at 100 and I had to crank the torso muscles up quite a bit as well. Both Kavar and I had to shorten our torsos significantly as well to not look like giraffes. Also, being able to have up to 5% body fat made such a huge difference with this body!


And no weird neck faders required to make it seamless to my non-mesh head.

Is it perfect? No. There’s some work to be done in future releases. But there are only two areas so far that I’ve found need a little work: The neck rigging/weighting is a little off. Kavar and I spent a good half hour trying to find necklaces that would fit and poses that would not break the neck.  There’s this odd notch that throws the whole thing off and lifts and moves the shoulders.  The second is some odd glitching with the upper inner thighs which will show through clothes sometimes and I can’t quite figure out why.

So here I sit, waiting patiently, for my skin makers to grace us with appliers.  That said, Adam & Eve have already put out a skin for it, “Jake”. 5 shades, 5 options per skin, and 3 tattoo facial hair layers.

The best part? The body is Omega applier compatible. I’ve already gone a little nutty on the Marketplace buying Omega compatible clothes that have been released for women over the years. Yep, they all work.  Tattoos, too. Oh the tattoos. Oh the beautiful, crisp, flawless tattoos.

You do have to pick up the Omega SLink kit for $99 on the Market Place but even that plus the cost of the Body is less than 1/4 of the price for the TMP body.

And I think I lied about the best part being Omega. I think the absolute best part of is that both Kavar and I wearing them, standing together, in different skins, we don’t look like we’re wearing the same mesh body. He has his body, I have mine.

Or I have his and he has mine. Whatever. [Insert cheeky grin here]

Grab a demo today, what have you got to lose?

SLink Physique For Men: Available now at the SLink Main Store
SLink Omega Kit: Available now on the Marketplace

Additional Details:
Adam and Eve Skins, Appliers and Mesh – Jake (For SLink & Standard Avatar)
Tattoo: [AR2Style] The Guitar Arm Tattoo
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild  “Harness” Leather Pants (Includes fit for SLink as well as their trademarked 7 sizes from XXS to XXL) – NEW! Available now for both Men and Women.
Set: unKindness Autumn Vanity Set – Out Now at FaMESHed – September

Tent: Trompe Loleil – Cassia Tent

If you made it this far in the post, congratulations. Besides listening to me go on about the brand new L&B pants both Kavar and I are wearing (which come with their gorgeous color palate options in the Fatpack), there’s the Autumn Vanity set to fanboy over that we’re sitting in front of that is out now at FaMESHed from unKindness.  The level of detail and unique textures go above and beyond here and, like every other post I’ve done about UK- Jamie just keeps getting better and better.

I promised Poe a shot with the fantastic cushion he made for this set.  So what better way to do that than by also showing off the SLink body at the same time.

Any excuse for a butt shot, right?

Poe, this one’s for you.


One thought on “What’s In A Body?

  1. Great thinking to have two models in these pics! I’ve only really seen the body on myself so far, so it’s very useful to see that there’s his body and your body (whichever’s which, mind) and they both fit within the slink body parameters while looking individual.

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