Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Once in awhile, a creator comes along with something so insanely original you just have to step back and execute the best golf clap you can muster in appreciation for it.

The Festival of Sin opened today at noon.  Inside you’re going to find some absolutely wonderful examples of the Deadly Darlings imaginable from Hair (coughExilecough) and Props to Clothes and Accessories as always. It may be easy to overlook the Gachas in the event, but if you plan on skipping them, don’t.  Photographers especially- make sure you hit up the unKindness “Sin City Comic” Gacha.

Sin City Comic from unKindness

Sin City Comic from unKindness

5 Common Buildings plus the Bordello Rare building, the gacha also features the central park and 2 trees.  Violently simplistic and gloriously executed, I just put a white box around it and instantly I am transported into a sadistic artists’ comic strip.  Feeling very Cool World, all of that stark white is just begging to be bled on.  What a great place for a gun fight!

Baked on Shadows are a key feature here

Baked on Shadows are a key feature here

Each building has the signature stark white grounding outlined in black and really gives the whole set an instant comic book feel. Similarly, each building has it’s own shadows and drunken coloring for an even more realistic feel.



The consistency between buildings include the white pavements but also the almost angry, fat-marker inking. You can almost picture the artist sitting above her drawing board covered in a desperate sweat.  “If I can just trap my worst enemies here…”

unksin4Each build has it’s own color scheme and features a distinct pen-style reminiscent of just about every comic strip I’ve ever read. Unfinished yet distressingly cohesive, this set is flawless in its execution.

Most of the builds are 20ish LI while the bank soars above the clouds to leer down at you with all of it’s corproate greed at 67LI. The trees are a modest 1LI each.

Get Thee To Festival of Sin! Open Now.


Festival of Sin

unKindness Main Store

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