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My mother’s side of the family is from a small town in Nebraska. I remember as a kid, when we would make the trek from California to visit every summer, we would drive past the County Drive-In out on the interstate before getting to town. When I got older, the cousins would all go to see whatever movie finally made it out there. The screen was falling down and the speakers hissed and popped like an old 78 record. I went back last year with my Mom and while the Marquee is still there and the wood fence is barely holding on, not much else remained except overgrown grass and rusted out cars.

Opening August 1st, The Gacha Garden will feature the Old America Gacha from UnKindness.  A lost drive-in from the middle of nowhere, this fantastic collection features 11 Commons, 3 Rares and 1 Seed of Inspiration.  The Seeds are the unique attribute of the Gacha Garden.  For more detailed information, I’ll refer you to their website.

Theatre Carport and Ticket Booth

Theatre Carport and Ticket Booth

Clocking in at 100L a pull, the Old American gacha is well worth multiple plays. Jamie has made the common items something you will want more than one of while the rares are things you most likely really do only want one of in your set-up.  The commons run between 1-3 LI per item while the most expensive rare (The Carport shown above) is 54LI.

One of two seats on the Carport

One of two seats on the Carport

The theatre sign boasts 2 unique poses and the car front-seat style chairs feature both couples and singles seats.  The texturing, mesh, and creativity in putting together this set really shines and shows off the creativity of UnKindness.

3 colors of seats and 3 different speaker stands

3 colors of seats and 3 different speaker stands

Everything from the texture baking to the scripting in the firepit all speaks to the excellence of this collection. They’re perfect for both photo shoots as well as permanent structures.

The fire has an on/off for fire, smoke and sound

The fire has an on/off for fire, smoke and sound


By far, my favorite piece of the set is the massive, 15LI rare screen.  Falling apart but clinging to a time when things were better. It stands like a silent beacon to everyone who grew up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and wonders what would have happened if the new interstate hadn’t been built and took traffic off of their mainstreet when it was no longer part of the highway.


If you’d like to visit the set up seen in the photos without all my artsy-fartsy windlighting, I’ve got it set up on my sim, Sandalphon.

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One thought on “Old Americana

  1. brittainycollins says:

    oh wow!!! this set reminds me of what I did for my senior prom! A bunch of us decided to ditch prom night and instead went across the river to the drive in with wine coolers and saw Aliens double feature!

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