Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I’ve had the opportunity to blog for Ravenghost before as faithful stalkers can attest. Each release is packed with goodies not only for roleplayers but for photographers and decorators alike. This time, out for Shiny Shabby, Ravenghost has put out this exquisite table, chairs and wine set.


Appropriately titled “The Wine Experience”, the scripting makes this a truly interactive experience. Most food or drink sets just include a script to take a piece or a glass and that’s it. With the wine set, you can click on the bottle and it actually runs through an animation showing the glass rez and the wine pouring into it before setting it on the table. Anyone can click on the glass to claim it and the glass attaches and drinks.


Everything auto ages out naturally as you drink if you wish or you can turn that feature off to just not have it decay.


Red wine, white wine or champagne, any fashionable party thrower should have this in their repertoire.


The bistro style table and chairs come in a chipped paint or rusted iron and make the perfect addition to a patio setting or even prehaps something more post-apocalyptic. The tray can be changed between wood, silver or brass and there are 3 built-in wine labels but he also provides the maps to make your own labels.


As always, beautifully designed, original, and functional all in one package.



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