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I’ve far too long neglected doing actual blog posts these last few weeks.  I’ve been stupidly busy with the RL day job so have been just doing more creative Flickr blogging for the most part instead. Plus, if you believe views, the Flickr gets more than the blog!

I installed the new Firestorm Beta yesterday when I got back from my latest business trip and thought I’d do up a post about the new Snapshot interface. Kinda bust the cobwebs off my blogging fingers.

New Snapshot Interface

New Snapshot Interface

The new snapshot interface by default brings the interconnection of social media to life for the casual photographer and snapshotter on Firestorm. Second Life Official Viewer users have had this functionality for quite awhile- but this is the first release with it inside Firestorm. If you’re not into filters or doing post production at all before you share your images, this interface is bloody brilliant.  Direct buttons into Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr join the Save to Disk, Save to Inventory, and Send via E-mail buttons we’ve had all along.

Facebook Interface Tabs

Facebook Interface Tabs

Twitter Interface

Twitter Interface

Flickr Interface

Flickr Interface

Privacy Geeks should investigate the hyperlinks in each of the sections to read up on how Second Life will handle your login credentials and personal data for each of these sites. Oh, wait, it doesn’t say. D’oh! This is 100% opt-in and you may opt out at any time. It does utilize the settings for each of the social media sites so you can set who can see what you post by default.

Profile Pick Direct!

Profile Pick Direct!

In addition, there’s an Upload to Profile option which allows you to both include the location in the new pick in your profile as well as add any caption text.

Save to Disk and Save to Inventory opens the familiar interfaces allowing you to pick the size and save as we always did.

The biggest addition to the Snapshot interface is what I have decided to call Instacrap- I mean Instagram- Filters. There are one or two which aren’t all that bad and could be fun to play with in the right situation but, by and large, they are just very simple splash filters with no fine tuning ability.

nofilter (Mobile) negative (Mobile) miniature (Mobile) overcast (Mobile) newsprint (Mobile) sharpen (Mobile) thematrix (Mobile) softfocus (Mobile) video (Mobile) toycamera (Mobile) spotlight (Mobile) sepia (Mobile) 1970scolors (Mobile) cartoon (Mobile) antique (Mobile) blackandwhite (Mobile) blownhighlights (Mobile) darken (Mobile) badtrip (Mobile) brighten (Mobile) autocontrast (Mobile) colorshift (Mobile) centerfocus (Mobile) posterize (Mobile) lensfalre (Mobile) julesverne (Mobile) intense (Mobile) heatwave (Mobile) lightleak (Mobile) glowingedges (Mobile) linearize (Mobile)

No, they are not in alphabetical order. They were. No, they are not 2-per line. I tried to put them that way.  However, WordPress and I are having a bit of a scuffle what that it’s pissed at me that I’ve not been posting regularly. They are in alpha-order inside Firestorm 🙂

These filters can be applied to all of the Snapshot options (Disk, Inventory, Social Media or Profile) and from the looks of how they are installed, you can create your own and load them into the Firestorm-Betax## > app_settings > filters folder as an XML Document just the same way as you do Windlight settings today.

Happy Photographing!



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