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Out now for We ❤ RP, Ravenghost has released not only a lovely looking table, chair and beer service set.. but it is fully RP compatible.


Now, when I say fully compatible, I really mean it! The goblets are scripted in such a way that the beer level will slowly decrease as you drink and ultimately detach. Additionally, if the user is wearing a spellfire or unity compatible meter, it will add up to 10 food value per beer to your score.  So not only do you get a beautifully constructed addition to your role play environment, but behind the scenes, it is just as functional as it is beautiful.

The textures and attention to detail on the tray, goblets and the beer itself are amazingly realistic.

Unique to this set, at least in my experience, is that you are not given an item in your inventory which you then have to go search for in order to attach. Instead, you are asked permission and it auto temp attaches without dropping an item into your inventory. No crazy clean-up later!

The beer tray and goblets have several different shades you can texture (silver, bronze, rusted, and wood) and there are two colors for the chair and table: weathered teak (shown here) and chestnut.


As I’ve come to expect from Ravenghost products, the scripting is low lag and easy to use but full of features from access restrictions, visibility, maps on or off, how much RP chatter you want it to display, but above all, the serving menu is pretty spectacular. There is a full notecard with help on how to use the system.

Check it out!

Style Notes:

On Zaafir:
Monso Hair – Jay (No longer available)
Melon Bunny – Male Kimono Robe (Crimson Dragon) – Xiasumi School Festival Event

Jammin – Pillar, Arches and Windows Construction Set
Table, Chair and Beer: Ravenghost Medieval Beer Set (Available at April We ❤ RP)

On Me:
Hair: Exile – Coming soon for c88 April

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