Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

I got a fever, come check it and see
There’s something burning and roiling in me
We may not last, but we’ll have fun til the end
C’mon baby, be my bad boyfriend
-Garbage, Bad Boyfriend

Yep, still in the I Fix Your Shit build from Jamie Cross and the latest release from the new label, unKindness. Available at the Luck of the Irish Gacha fair, this shanty build is the first in what will be a new series of releases for a whole shanty town coming from Jamie and unKindness. What I love about this building is that it is a proper patchwork of metal and wood and really sets a tone.

There’s an upstairs area tucked away and reachable by a ladder out back where you can live above your shop or rent it out, y’know, for like.. tupperware parties. Too bad tupperware doesn’t come in black with bloodstains.

It is fitting, though, since I’m showing off items from Poe Cross and 7mad;Ravens as well. Partners in crime, debauchery and I’m sure a number of other salacious endeavors, the Cross’ always seem to bring out the badboy in me. I was innocent before I met them. Yep.
Out now at We ❤ RP, you can pick up the 3 Crosses Crown from 7mad. Resizable, I tried it on with all sorts of different hair, long and short, and it worked with all of them. With the easy resizing, you can show it through hair which may be big or tuck it in and hide it so it only shows across the forehead. Qutie versatile.
Available at Men’s Only Monthly for March (Opens: March 20th), 7mad has released a series of license plates, “Tagged”, as necklaces. You can see the full list of plates from “Badboy” to “Lover” and everything in between for your X – G rated desires over on Poe’s Flickr.
But since I’m a Special Fucking Snowflake(tm), you won’t find the Saint plate in the mix- but the rest are out now.

Topping it all off in a sort of cross between Daryl from Walking Dead and Sam from Supernatural, Kavar is releasing the new dastardly hair I’m wearing today instore @ Exile.  (Along with a few others as well!). As usual, he makes me look good. *hairflip* While yes, I’m almost always in my usual long hair, this is one of those in-betweens that I can get away with wearing and I love how it frames the face. And I’ll be his badboy any day.
C’mon baby, be my bad boyfriend.


New Items:

Hair: Exile – Give Away Your Secrets (Released 3/16) Instore @ Covet
Crown: 7mad;Ravens – 3 Crosses Crown (Available at We ❤ Rp – March)
Necklaces: 7mad;Ravens – Tagged (Avaialble at Men’s Only Monthly – March)
Build: unKindness – I Fix Your Shit (Available at Luck of the Irish Fair)
Saint: DM Stairway Male
Dirty: DM Standpoint
Lover: DM Wall Nudge

2 thoughts on “C’mon Baby Be My Bad Boyfriend

  1. petrvanbeeck says:

    Rock that shit Nigel!

    1. You know it, papa bear.

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