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Faithful stalkers will have noticed, as usual, that I have been absent a bit and doing mostly just photos on Flickr. Finding the time to blog lately has been a bit of a challenge, however, when some of my favorite designers put out new items I absolutely have to jump out with my pom poms and yell to the heavens at the pure awesomeness.

So let us talk about FATEstep.

Announcing: FATEstep - Mesh Footwear!

Y’all know my insane fanboy nature when it comes to FATE. I make no bones about being thrilled to get to blog for him. Damien has upped the game and branched out into shoes.

March 18th, Damien will open the doors on his latest project. FATEstep joins FATEwear and FATEplay (and FATEeyes don’t forget!) on his newly redesigned island. At launch, FATEstep will feature over 20 pairs of shoes. Menfolk- do not despair! There are some great shoes and boots for men in this launch release as well so we’re getting some love.

Now, when I say there are “20 pairs” of boots, that’s really a drastic understatement. The “basic” color HUD which comes most of the pairs includes 60 (Yes, sixty) different textures- 30 normal, 30 “dirty”. On top of that, there are 12 custom save options to make your own colors. You can change the main body, the sole, and other parts of the shoe in addition. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the HUD also includes options to change the shine and to show or hide certain parts of the boot to accomodate the pants you’re wearing.

I’m not done yet, either. Menfolk get two versions: default avatar and SLink compatible. Women get those in addition to Maitreya.

Oh, and another thing, two sock HUDs are also available separately to color the socks that come with the shoes. No more trying to find socks that fit with your shoes and trousers.

Rather than trying to show off all of the different shoes, I thought I would focus on two of the HUDs and drive home the point of just how many options you’re getting with purchase.


The HUD for the Anthony boots shows off the various options and all of the colors while the HUD for the Nylon Chucks (Which by the way include fits for both men *and* women and features artwork by Nylon Pinkney) really illustrates the depth of the customization you can find in these shoes.


On March 18th- you have one place you want to be: FATEisland.

Marketplace Storefront:
FATEdesign flickr group:
FATE on Plurk:
Damien Fate’s Blog:

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