Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Jamie and Poe, or as I like to call them, The Boot Thief and his Accomplice, have been hard at work to bring some new 7mad;Ravens and /heathenesque/ items out for The Thrift Shop as well as the Jack or Jill Hunt.




I absolutely love the collar on this jacket. It goes high up in the back but not too high so that it interferes with most hair or stick out making the hair look funny. It’s that happy medium space which ends up working out with most items that is getting harder and harder to find the more mesh we wear.

The jacket comes in 3 colors: red, blue and tan. Each jacket comes with 2 different shirts and a no shirt option so you can layer it over something else or go for the bare chest look. Additionally, they are available in fitmesh as well as S/M/L.

Faithful stalkers will have noticed me wearing colors on my Exile hair for the last few weeks which weren’t available in the store yet. Either that or just been annoyed at my cheeky hints at them.  The good news is, Kavar has released his all new textures and re-packaged HUDs at the store on Covet.  In addition, many of the older scuplt styles for both men and women have been updated into mesh and can be used with the new HUDs and textures.


exile- Hud-legend-2

This particular style is for women but the ponytail goes out far enough that guys can wear it easy. I love the strands over the ear especially; perfect for someone to reach up and tuck back.


Style Card:

Hat: 7mad;Ravens – Dirty Bronx Cap – Blue (Available at The Thrift Shop)
Jacket/Shirt: 7mad;Ravens – Roe Jacket (Blue), Heat Jacket (Red), Vin jacket (Tan) (Available at the 7mad Main Store)
Necklace & Flask: /heathenesque/ – Wolf’s Howl (Available at the Jack or Jill Hunt – Jack Path)
Info on the Hunt which started February 1st at
Hair: Exile – Slow Burn (Re-Release w/all new texture huds)
Poses: Image Essentials – Kay Weston – Chair 2 (5 poses)

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