Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Faithful stalkers, have no fear, I will get back to blogging my History of SL Boots now that I am back in town after a business trip! However, upon my return my little blue boxes of joy turned up the latest coat (with shirt, vest and tie) from FATEwear! So slip up into the cozy chair and join me in exploring the comfort that is FATE.


The Belfort jacket comes in 8 single colors to choose from in the FATE color wheel but if you FATEpack (like you should!) you get not only the 8 colors but 10 more bonus colors available exclusively in the HUD.

The jacket, shirt, tie and vest can all be color changed with a single HUD as usual. While the temptation may be to click on the “Scarf/Tie” button to change the color of the tie, the tie is actually controlled in the “Sweater / Tee” section of the HUD as are the vest and shirt.


Materials enabled as usual, the jacket really springs to life when worn. Lifelike texturing, shadows and folds-in-the-fabric are the bread and butter of FATE and this jacket doesn’t disappoint. Like the last few jackets and coats Damien has released, the Belfort also has a fabulous hem in the back that hangs like a real jacket should.


Sure, it covers my ass, but hey, a boy has to hide at least one of his excellent attributes for later.

On one last note, there are three alpha layers- short, long and coat only. So you don’t *have* to wear the shirt/tie/vest if you don’t want to.

How much more versatile do you want?


I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least comment on the fact that not only am I wearing short hair but I’m wearing short hair with wicked blondish purpleish streaks all through it with black roots. Yes, it’s Exile. Who else could get me to wear hypnotically wicked short hair? What I love about this particular hair is the layered effect. The streaks go throughout at different levels but the tips are pure of whatever color you choose to streak it with.



Style Card:

Hair: Exile – Take it Easy (soooooooooon. Yes. I am a tease. What about it? My hair stylist and I are.. close. :P)
Coat, Shirt, Tie and Vest – FATEwear – Belfort
Pants: SF Design – Leathers (System layer baby)
Boots: JB’s – Men’s Studded Long Boots

Set Dressing:
Cheeky Pea: Stargazer (Available at Uber – January)
tarte. star string lights (Available at Uber – January)
tarte. night sky curtain (Available at Uber – January)
junk. balance scales (Available at Uber – January)
floorplan &Con. Industrial Coffee Table (Available at Uber – January)
Con. & floorplan – lazy sofa Red (Available at Uber – January)
Room 2042 – The Den (Available at Uber – January)

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