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Welcome to another installment of the Evolution of SL Boots. Today, faithful stalkers, we’re going to look at a few pairs from 2010.

As I mentioned in 2009- err, the post regarding 2009 that is- I was living in the UK during this time and was off gallivanting for the most part. I didn’t spend a whoooole lot of time in SL so there were only 3 boots I could find that I even *bought* in 2010. A travesty, only finding so few.

On Plurk, there were comments about some huuuuge stores that I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention: Drakke and Aohoru. At one time I did own boots from both of these stores. After multiple search attempts, however, they seem to have either been deleted or gone poof in one of my inventory accidents. So while they will not make an appearance in my chronological History- I am thinking once I finish up I may do a Guest Boot post where I get folks to come over and rez me their favorite “Back in the Day” boots for me. Plus, that will be the only way we will get to see those early “sculpty feet” that you ladies got with your open-toed high heels.

That said, onward!


These cowboy boots with spurs from MayCreations stomped their way onto the grid at 93 prims each. Sculpt and regular, this boot sort of encapsulates everything that was going on at the time. It had a resizer, right boot with clicky-walk sounds, full-bright spurrs, mighty toecap, regular prims on the chains, and photosourced textures on the sculpts.


The Engineer boots from ON were my favorites of the time. In fact, I still wear them. Sculpted for the most part (Though some regular prims are absolutely still in there bringing the count up to 110 per boot), they were in two pieces again! So I could wear just the bottom with my sculpted pant legs without having to make them huge or I could wear system layer pants and wear the full boot. I love the wrinkle on these around the ankle. I recall at the time this was the most striking- because up until now, we just had this ramrod straight cylinder calf. So maybe there’s something to this sculpty thing after all, huh?


I’m pretty sure this was the first thing I bought from +grasp+ (on the same trip as buying their sculpted leather jacket, natch). These 81 prim si*na boots were also still in two pieces so you could wear them with both types of pants. Resizer scripts intact but thankfully the sexy ao walk and clicky heels seem to have gone the way of the dodo.



4 thoughts on “Evolution of SL Boots: 2010

    1. Try Anexx in your inventory search, I think that was the name

  1. Although Oaharu had some foot wear, the shoe shop on that sim had another name, but I can’t remember it 😦 … Thanks for your fun & entertaining posts.

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