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Welcome back, faithful stalkers, as we move forward to 2009.

I think the question on everyone’s mind as sculpties were really taking over the grid was whether or not we could still even make things with regular prims. I mean, sure, we *could* but… did anyone want them? A lot of designers were feeling the pressure to learn this New Fangled Thing and somewhere in here was when we first started really seeing Designing Royalty(tm) being phased out of Second Life. So many creators just… left. Sales started dropping, main store locations that always had their own sims were downsizing and combining with other creators to share sims, some were going to the mainland, and many moved to the markeplace exclusively.

I, myself, moved from the US to the UK in 2009 so I wasn’t on SL all that much. As a result, I could only find 3 boots in my inventory from 2009. I had an entire continent to explore, dammit, I wasn’t on SL that much! 🙂

So with that, I give you 2009: The Resizer, The Sculpt, and The Photosourced Texture

3 sculpted prims and photosourced textures

3 sculpted prims and photosourced textures


These Allure boots from KaShoez was the first boot I owned that was very obviously a photosourced texture. Coming in at only 3 sculpted prims, the realism on the texture brought up the whole debate of whether or not photosourcing was “better” or not. Great- you have a totally realistic looking texture… on a cartoon avatar. In some ways, photosourcing made it look even more fake to me.


The Martens Sculpted boot from TKA, at 40 prims, was the first boot I remember buying that had a resizer script in it.

On the one hand- we couldn’t fuck it up horribly by hand manipulating them. On the other, though, we had to resize the whole thing in one piece instead of the painstaking resizing us guys had to do if we wanted women’s boots to fit our calves. No longer could we resize a boot to make it taller and a bit wider. To get heeled boots to fit us, sometimes ankle boots ended up looking like they were misshapen knee-highs.

Again I say- one step forward, two steps back.


Clinging to using regular prims while still moving forward with sculpts, Tonktastic put out the Insane boots bringing our combo prim count back up to 240 per boot. Still needed the invisiprim on these since Alpha layers weren’t yet here, these bulky darlings were clunky with nails and barbed wire pulling forward those Bad BoyScout boot ideas of having fun with boots- not just being a thing we walk in.

Up Next- 2010 – Damn Right, Regular Prims Are Still Here!


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