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Welcome to Part 3 of my History of SL : Evolution of Boots series.

2008, or The Year We Advanced ALL THE THINGS, was an amazing year for Second Life creators and designers and, by extension, we The Residents. By the same token, it was also the year the Designing Royalty(tm) of Second Life had a choice: Learn new technology or start to feel the weight of the speeding truck that would run them over by 2009.

Late 2007/early 2008 (It’s fuzzy because I’m going by what I have in my inventory, not necessarily The Very First) introduced us to more options than Just Boots. No, we started getting really nifty cool things as creators were really learning how to texture and create unique items. So lets kick off 2008 with another favorite pair that I wore into the ground: The Bad Boy Scout Boots.




Only 85ish prims per boot, Civvies gave us not just a boot but a functional toy to play with! Flask, smokes, compass, what I like to think is a Knot Tying Badge, a map and a knife all strapped to your ankles. We were learning how to better manipulate prims to make more intricate designs- and with fewer prims.


And speaking of fewer prims- real textures- and a great shape, these classic bikerboots from Drawmachine are only 40 prims per boot. They were tight and short so we could take our system layer pants and flare them out at the bottom to go over them or wear them tight to the leg and go 60’s mod. Very stylish.


And then came the 365 combination regular and sculpted prim Fetish Chrome ballet boots. Over the knee, these boots look like seamless mesh when viewed on a pretty little display stand but in reality, they were three parts: Foot, lower leg and upper leg all carefully obscured for joins by those bands around the boot.  These were posing boots- you couldn’t dance in them or, really, even walk in them because the knee rounded out and jutted forward every time you bent your leg.

This was also the first pair of boots I owned which came not only in 3 sizes (S – M – L) for easier resizing but also came with 2 pairs of right boot: One with Sound and a sexy AO Walk and one without. 2008 could also be called “The Year Of the Clicking Heels” because for some reason we wanted everyone to KNOW we were there and HEAR us coming in our high-heeled boots and DAMMIT get out-of-the-way. Even on grass. Yep.


Rounding out 2008, I chose my Laced Skull Boots from CD. 40 sculpted and regular prims each, I remember this being the first boot that I could no longer “lop off the top” and wear as though it were under pants.

I mentioned before how, as we move forward with technological breakthroughs in creation, we also lost a little bit each step of the way. We got so used to just not wearing the top piece of our boots when we wanted an ‘under the cuff’ look. These first pairs of sculpted boots introduced the real pain in the ass it was when system pants were no mod. We couldn’t shrink them to our leg to fit inside the sculpt. Similarly, as sculpted pants cuffs became more and more prevalent, we had to make them huuuuuge to fit over our boots- or not wear them at all and get the tucked look.

And no, the laces didn’t have a texture on them. I can’t remember if they ever did. Oopse. 🙂

Up next: 2009 – Rising Sculpty Prim, Clinging Standard Prim

One thought on “Evolution of SL Boots : 2008

  1. Deoridhe says:

    This was the year I came in! 8D I remember those ballet boots. I spent forever fitting over the knee boots in a variety of sizes. ❤

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