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Welcome to Part Two of the History of SL Boots. Part One (2005 – 2006) can be found here.

2007 really became the Year of the Buckle. Where 2005 and 2006 were a little light on what I still had in my inventory, 2007 was full of possibilities. I decided to pull one from each quarter of the year to show the evolution throughout.

First up from spring of 2007, The KC Strap Boots.

Beware My Pointy Toe of Doom

Beware My Pointy Toe of Doom



Skidding onto the grid with 263 standard prims per boot, one look at the pointed toe of that bad boy (which, as an aside, is a prim tortured cone- sliced and flattened) and everyone around you knew you meant business. This is one of those first boots I can remember hearing the phrase “Foot Size to 0” ! If you wanted to get a boot to fit, not only did you have to wear the shape that crunched your toes together like a 90 year old ballerina, but if you didn’t shrink your foot down you could forget it. Once you did both of those, and if you were a guy, you then got to start changing the size of it and pray you did it right and didn’t completely screw it up so it fit your bigger shape.

Because yes, as is today as was then, 90% of everything on the grid is made for women.

Buckles, Buckles and MOAR BUCKLES

Buckles, Buckles and MOAR BUCKLES

Ahhh, the Bloodrage Buckle set from Dark Eden. This was the first pair I owned that took advantage of not only the foot and lower leg attachment point but also the upper leg/thigh attachment point. Rather than trying to make a solid piece from toe to hip, the socks and pants layer were used to texture the leg like it had a second-skin latex boot on it and the buckles sat on top. By doing so, there were no awkward bends and folds and nothing sticking out of your knees when you danced. Additionally, these huge buckle boots came in at a VERY modest 64 prims per leg.

Still… no real textures yet. Just gradient colors to make them shine. Hmm… will we ever get textures?

Elegant.. sleek.. and shapely

Elegant.. sleek.. and shapely

Why yes, yes we will. DDD hit the boot grid like a bullet on the Billboard charts. EVERYTHING they put out was amazing and the Scorned Boot and its whopping 331 prims each was my absolute favorite. I had it in red, black and white. This was the first boot to slide in a calf-bump rather than using just the flat cylinder down for the shin. It was another boot that required full bright to mask that join between the sphere and the calf. If you didn’t have it on (at least on the red and white pairs) you saw the seam. It was also the first pair I owned that introduced the Invisiprim to my world.



This stylish 2007 boot was the first one I could find with an obvious and obnoxious use of invisiprims to keep your foot and lower leg hidden. Not one- not two- but 3 Invisiprims! There was no such thing as an alpha layer so we made do with adding extra prims to hide ourselves. This one, you have to admit, was pretty impressive.

Rounding out 2007, I present to you the best pair of boots I ever purchased from “back in the day”. It was the first pair of boots I ever owned that had REAL textures on them. And it was the first pair to come with multiple sizes inside the package but still mod so you could make minor adjustments in size. The Dollfie from Nevermore.

I still drool over this boot

I still drool over this boot

I wore these things enough that, were they real, they’d have been resoled at least once. Look at those textures! Look at the shape! Absolutely the finest boot to slam onto the grid when it came out. I think all of the guys and a fair many of the women owned these at the time. Even if I were to delete my entire inventory of items before 2015- these 259 prim (ea) boots would remain.

When my avatar dies, bury me with them. Please.

Up next: 2008

5 thoughts on “Evolution of SL Boots : 2007

  1. Santana Lumiere says:

    And the dolfie lives onnnOOoonnn (sung poorly to the tune of ‘I will always love you’.)
    Thank you for the comments on them! hahaha I remember going half blind creating those things and all the itty bits of prim which composed the metal bits. Tantrums galore, walking into walls due to blurred vision, making all the sets was a nightmare (especially working around the glitch at the time which rendered nano prims invisible if you zoomed in to try to see them closer).
    Those, by the way, were totally inspired by dolfies (hence the name) and the awesometastic boots people make for those dolls!

    One day I shall learn mesh, and then SL will be in trouble.

    ❤ Santana, La Boheme
    formerly the original Nevermore store =D

    1. Pardon me while I start saving my bribe money for mesh boots!

  2. I had all the Dark Eden boots they were the awesomest, and the DDD ones I had the girls version of those too…all the chain work was amazing, but DE was my favourite not just the boots but the whole strapped set, the arm bands,the collar and belts, thigh bands, all of it HOT HOT HOT!
    Great post 🙂


  3. . says:

    There are no words for how much I am enjoying this series of posts, Nigel! I wasn’t even around in SL until 2009 but it’s fun to see what stuff was fashionable before I stepped in world. Looking forward to the next one!

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