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Pull up a chair, faithful stalkers, and join me as I start my History of Second Life series of posts. I decided based on a conversation with Vince (who, as an aside, I’ve also known since 2007 when he joined SL) to do a series of posts about creations in SL as told through the eyes of a self-professed boot whore.

As promised, I’m kickin’ off the mesh with this exquisite specimen from 2005. I present to you, the Beckenbauer.


The Beckenbauer

The Beckenbauer



Beckenbauer was one of very few prim boot makers on the grid. If memory serves, Jeepers Creepers was also out getting started at this point. I can remember wanting everything in the store at the time, too. This stunning pair of knee-high buckled boots clocks in at a fairly low prim count of 162 standard prims per boot.

The options in these early years didn’t include materials, fancy “make any shape you want” sculpts, bump maps or AO maps. No glow, though with boots that was be a godsend, and not a trace of color or texture change scripting to be had.

What we DID have, however, was fullbright. Many boots from this time required full bright to mask the joints where the pieces of prims met so that the texture- which most of the time was just a flat color- to make it look like a single flush piece. Didn’t always work of course, and even when using the default time lighting to snap the photo, you can still see all of the joints.

When jumping forward in leaps and bounds, sometimes the simple little things that we figured out how to use in order to make our world work get forgotten.

2006 or, as I like to call it, The Year We Were Blinded By Bling added lots of new designers to the grid. People got better at learning how to use the tools and we learned how to engage in what came to be known as Prim Torture. Granted, PT usually referred to tiny prims and twisting them in the most amazing way to make jewelry but it also is appropriate to the things we learned to do to the Torus and Ring prims. And as a result, those 162 standard prim Beckenbauer’s from 2005 were quickly outpaced by the 290 prim ber boot Grillz.

She Blinded Me With Bling

She Blinded Me With Bling

Each one of the circles on these boots has bling. Which meant each one of those circles has a script in it to make it bling. We didn’t yet have touch scripts to touch turn it off so if the scripts were mod, you could open each one and shut it off. Alternatively, you could rip out the scripts entirely to get rid of them.

Bling made jewelry glimmer, boots shine, and genital piercings sparkle through your clothes.

But it all started with the boots.

Up Next: 2007 – The Introduction of the Invisiprim

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