Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Being in Second Life since 2006, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the creators of our virtual world utilize the tools available to fill this empty world with Amazing Things and Stuff. From my day one in 2006, I was in awe at what we could buy to wear and as well as what we could put in our virtual homes. When we look back at those early days of system hair, clothes and even shoes, before we could attach prims to ourselves, we snicker and guffaw at how bad they look by today’s standards. At the time, though, it was the Shiz and or Nit.

Yes, boys and girls, there was a time when we could not attach prims to ourselves. Everything was slider-based system layer. I joined just on the tail end of system-only and sadly, I don’t have any pictures of that old system hair. But trust me, it was… mopperiffic. ETD was The Place To Go for Hair so I quickly had a mushroom cloud of white hair on my head. Even as these new fangled prim attachments could be utilized, many designers still put out system shoes and boots well into 2006 which basically consisted of a foot-shape and a texture on the socks layer to make it look like a shoe. Oh yea, it was hot.

So many of Second Life’s Designing Royalty(tm) have simply gone away be it because they did not have the ability to learn Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, and Blender or, more realistically, could not afford the time or money to do so. While I’m no designer, I loved the pre-sculpt days of Second Life and spent a great majority of my time building worlds and making my own textures for them. It was never a business, just something for fun. We could throw together prims and textures and make something new. EVERYONE could. The tools were all right there, for free, within Second Life.

Every year, the tools and the designers who use them get better and better. Each phase of creation in Second Life has brought us, The Residents, glorious new items while bringing their creators grey hairs as they struggle to learn new technologies in order to bring those items to us, their customers. The learning curve between system layer and standard prims was just as vast for new artists as was the shift from prim to sculpt and subsequently sculpt to mesh.

As you can imagine, the inventory of someone who has been in SL this long can provide quite the trip down memory lane- sometimes painful, often hysterical, always enlightening. Recently, while sorting and cleaning up my Clothing -> Shoes folder I found some primtastic 2006 boots with Bling and made a comment on Plurk about them. The resulting conversation is the reason for this project.

You can blame Vincent. He encouraged me. And so we start with a flashback to 2007 and I present you with Nigel Riel and VincenVile DeSantis in all their early glory.

No windlight or editing. Just a pair of facelights and the hottest skins available at the time.

No windlight or editing. Just a pair of facelights and the hottest skins available at the time.


To Quote Vincent: Nipples that belonged on a pizza

To Quote Vincent: Nipples that belonged on a pizza


Stay tuned. All this week- a History of Second Life in Boots: 2005 – 2015.



2 thoughts on “Kickbacks and Flashbacks

  1. aryanna001 says:

    Oh my Gawd! I remember that shirt…and the belt…oh and the boots! I’m pretty sure I have Vincent’s hair still in my inventory too…lol. The fashions may have been simple, but man, sometimes I miss those days!

    1. And oh dear god the belt had BLING.

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