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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Artisan Fantasy is probably my favorite of the newer designers to show up on my radar in the last year. Every single piece in the store features deep, rich, beautifully toned textures on top of exquisite mesh. This latest release is no exception.


Released in the mainstore (at a discount until Monday for Romp’s January – Monthly Edition), this 4 piece set is available both in PG and Adult versions. Additionally, it comes in two tones: a nice dark wood and a weathered look.

The ottoman and chair are available together and the lamp and side-table are packaged together as a separate purchase. One nice surprise was that the lamp comes in two sizes- this small lamp and a larger version.

There are poses for singles and couples in both the chair and the ottoman, so it really is full of fun options. And I have to say, some of the adult poses are … quite nice. (insert polite cough here)


The couple poses are done up nicely to fit M/M right out of the box with very little adjustment needed which is always a plus in my book. Course When I say M/M what I guess I really mean is “two avatars roughly the same size” instead of what is more typical where one avatar is dramatically smaller and thus requires lots of time adjusting poses so it doesn’t look like you’re trying to remove your partner’s spleen when cuddling.


I shoot with shadows most of the time so the prim shadows were kinda 2008, but the pieces are mod so you can easily either delete the shadow prim or just bury it in the ground if you prefer.
Artisan Fantasy Main Store Location
Romp In-world Infocenter

On Me:
Hair: Exile – After The Rain
Sweater: 7mad;Ravens – Lawless Sweater Fleur de lis
Jeans: L&B – S’wear Classic Jeans – Feet

On Him:
Hair: Exile – Revolution
Shirt: Deadwool – Marlon T-shirt
Jeans: Wonton – St. Laurent Distressed Jeans

4 thoughts on “Romp on the Porch

    1. Yea, I have yet to see anything at that store which wasn’t beautifully built and textured.

    2. petrvanbeeck says:

      yeah and the furniture isn’t bad either (grin)

      1. Heehee- I debated saying ‘these are gorgeous enough that you two don’t make them look cheap’. 🙂

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