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There are designers in Second Life for whom I will walk uphill both ways in the snow to purchase their items. Luckily, I just had to go to FaMESHed this month to pick up the latest bed from Cory and Trompe Loleil.

Just sleeping. Honest.

Just sleeping. Honest.

The Kezia bed, from Trompe Loleil, has all of the things that I like about a bed- be it a virtual one or a real one. Fluffy overstuffed duvet on top of a thick mattress. Sturdy iron frame about which is draped both cloth and string of lights and naturally, the squishy thick pillows. Add in that Cory releases the AO maps (sold separately for a modest fee) so that you can texture it yourself? What the hell more could you possibly want? The bed itself does come with a variety of patterns which can individually be set for the fabric on the headboard/footboard, the pillows, the drape and the blanket.

In an era where there are more adult and cuddle animations available than there are clothes for men, trying to find a unique set of poses for a new release must be a nightmare for creators. You want that blend of “Oooh, it’s furniture from , I hope it has the signature poses” and “Oooh, look at this new one!! I want it!!” to keep everyone happy. Add in that many people have their favorite pose sets or mats or engines for couples and it really does get complicated I would think.


The Kezia bed doesn’t disappoint! A lovely cross-section of Trompe favorites as well as some new ones, I really love the engine included in the Adult bed. (What, like I own anything that’s rated PG)


Naturally, I go on and on about the poses and yet use different ones for the photos in the blog. I’m just fickle that way. You’ll have to grab your favorite cuddle partner and head down to FaMESHed and see for yourself. Won’t you.

This one though, he’s mine.  *whipcrack smile*

Yes, please.



Scene Card:

Bed: Trompe Loleil – Kezia (Available at FaMESHed – January)
Bed Pose: Made by me for the bed using Animare
Chair: Mudhoney – Neve (Black)
Chair Pose: Pose Paradise (No longer in world)

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