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Now that 2014 has gone the way of the Do Do and the holiday hell of needing to be in ten places at once, none of which are particularly a place you want to be, I’m once again carving a slot out for Second Life blogging.

I know. You’ve missed me so much, faithful stalkers. I can tell.

I took some time to re-evaluate the blogging that I’d been doing and realized that I was starting to spend way too much time trying to get the latest and greatest for the purpose of blogging rather than going out and necessarily getting the things I wanted and playing and having fun. First and foremost, this blog was intended to be a creative outlet for photos and creative writing and almost as an aside, fashion blogging. I lost track of that, as I did many things, throughout 2014.

I’m not a huge fan of resolutions though I do believe the turning of the calendar does afford a neat and tidy clean break with the past and a starting gun for the future. The upside is you can have one once a year, right? Nyuk nyuk.

That said, I’m still blogging for a small handful of designers because I love everything they put out. I’ll still be shopping my fool head off and taking pictures of it all and telling the few of you that come ’round these parts all about my tales of spending too many lindens.

Course, you may also be getting an eyeful of more photography than strictly fashion blogging.

Raw SL Shot

Raw SL Shot

One of my favorite kinda off-the-wall creators is Cerberus Xing and I came back just in time to get these delicious horns and chains. Available at Uber for January, the horns are in 4 colors and come with the septum rings and chains as an option instead of required. I love the juxtaposition of the huge bit hanging over the mouth whereas the horns themselves are fairly small. Something like this you’d think the horns would be MASSIVE but I rather like that they’re almost subtle. As a horn and antler junkie, 2014 has definitely been the Year of Headgear and it must be getting more and more challenging for designers to come up with original concepts. Hats off for these.

7mad;Ravens is another one of my favorite designers and I’m back just in time for their We ❤ RP (opening January 4th) offering. The Raindrop Crown is available in white or black. Like horns and antlers, headpieces and crowns have really had their coming out party in 2014. I’m a huge fan of adornments all the way around and this little crown is the perfect addition to some long flowy locks.

Speaking of long flowy locks, unless you’ve been living under a rock or just couldn’t give a rats ass in a blender, I sorta got hitched to this amazing guy who happens to make hair now and then when I’m not distracting him with shopping excursions, endless violence in video games, hours of “honey, hold still while I try a few other windlight settings” photography, or skype-screen sharing and watching movies. Though it could be he’s been distracted with a big project for his label, Exile, too. Hmm… so many options. (insert cagey smile here)

The jacket is from another of my favorites- this post is turning into a Nigel’s Favorite Designers Post, isn’t it?- Deadwool. I love this coat not only for the cut and way it squares off the shoulders but the shading and bends and folds and turns. So many mesh jackets do this insanely awful thing to shoulders by making them slope down and limp like you’re a pile of sugar melting under the hot sun. Deadwool lets you keep your shape. Hats off.

So yes. Expect to see me around the blogging sphere again here for 2015. I know you’ll hang on every word. Right?


Style Card:
Hair: Exile – After The Rain (Mnn, neat color isn’t it?)
Crown: 7mad;Ravens – Raindrop Crown (Available at We ❤ RP – January)
Horns/Face Chains: Cerberus Xing – Hundred Chain Horn (Available at Uber – January)
Jacket: [Deadwool] – Corto coat (red)
Skin: Aeros – Teghran (halva: bh)
Eyes: Damien Fate – FateEYES 3.0

Pose: Del May – Daggers Male

2 thoughts on “Old Dogs – New Tricks

  1. Deoridhe says:

    I’m so glad you obeyed the notes I’ve been leaving in your pocke…. I mean, I’m so glad you’re blogging again!!

    1. Sits. Shakes. Begs. (Do I get a cookie?) 😀

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