Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

As soon as I titled this blog post, dozens of songs started running through my head about dreams and nightmares. Lots of really good, creepy tracks. Which one gets stuck there? The one-hit wonder pop song from the 80’s, naturally. I swear to god, my brain is out to get me. 10 points if you can figure out which song.

Raw SL Photo - No Edits

Raw SL Photo – No Edits

Not a whole lot to really say about the items in the blog post what that the picture is so dark you can’t really see a whole lot but.. sometimes I just have to go with my nature and do darkish pictures. Besides, I blog for me afterall. Sometimes the pictures are just gonna be arty-farty crap and not, y’know, meant for showing off the items at their best. That said…

Photo by Kavar Cleanslate - Used With Permission

Photo by Kavar Cleanslate – Used With Permission

The horns/cowl that Kavar is wearing from [Deadwool] is available at Uber this month. It also comes in two other versions: with a skull and *only* the horns, no cowl.


[17:05] Ezerbet Nitschke: Is that you on the bed?
[17:05] Nigel Cleanslate (Nigel Riel): Yep
[17:06] Nigel Cleanslate (Nigel Riel): Kavar’s the one hanging upside down šŸ™‚
[17:07] Ezerbet Nitschke: Your relationship makes more sense every day.

Bed: Apple Fall – Pallet Bed
Balloons, Floating Chairs, & Backdrop: {anc} Cirque de Reverie (TAG Gacha)

On Kavar:
Hood & Horns: [Deadwool] Oberon Mask – Spiral HornsĀ  (No Skull) (Available at Uber – November)
Face/Body Tattoos: Fallen Gods – Widow (Chest)+Nuuna+Ā  Woodoo (Face)
Pauldrons: Ravensoul Onslaught
Scythe: Primus Okul – Scythe
Arm + Claws: Remarkable Oblivion – Azrael – Wrought
Arm Warmers: Razor/// Foe Gloves
Pants: Yasum – Goth Kilt Pants

On Me:
Hair: Exile – Crash Into Me (Not Currently Available)
Pants: +Redrum+ – Carnivale – Black

3 thoughts on “The Stuft of Dreams and Nightmare Screams

  1. Ahaha Erzebet’s comment.

  2. aryanna001 says:

    So what was the one hit wonder? Only one I could think of was “Somebody’s Watching Me”…lol.

  3. Haella says:

    Shattered Dreams was in the 80’s

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