Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

When you hear the knell of a requiem bell
Weird glows gleam where spirits dwell
Restless bones etherealize
Rise as spooks of every size
-Grim Grinning Ghosts

Blood and Guts and Veins in your teeth, the Halloween season on Second Life seems to revolve around two major themes. Your options are either to go cute and funny or as absolutely gore-riffic as you can get. The amazing items which can be found now that we’re fully immersed in a mesh world of creative geniuses is astounding. Hell, there are freebie mesh sheet-ghosts out there which are better than 90% of the old system costumes we used to make. Between mesh and the ability to layer multiple tattoo layers and attachments really does give us, the residents and shopping whores, ample opportunity to go crazy when putting together costumes.

Rawr. And Raw. No Photoshop.

Rawr. And Raw. No Photoshop.

I think out of all of the holidays, Halloween gets the best treatment in Second Life.

As it should be, dammit.

My Mister and I hit up the Halloween edition of the Cosmetics Fair last night. What that he spends half of his creative life as a bald chick on a platform working on hair, he does have to update the Chick Folder now and then for vendor shots so I’m starting to have an appreciation for just how much variety there is out there for tattoo layered make-up for the ladies.  The men were not unrepresented, however! We both picked up these amazing face tattoos from +Nuuna+ for men. While I ended up using a standard black and Kavar used the default white, the tattoo layers are tintable and I played around with various colors on different color skins- all with great outcomes. Very versatile and well done.

Yep. Still Unedited!

Yep. Still Unedited!

I have always envied some of the amazing Stylists in Second Life. You know, the folks who can dig into their massive inventories and put together a look at the drop of a hat. Rico and Editorial (The gents behind LTD among many other successful ventures in SL) have always been my favorites. Give them a theme and in a few minutes, voila- an outfit to die for and accessorized to the nth degree. Being a creature of habit myself, I always end up going to my favorites and not branching out much. So when Kavar suggested we do a Halloween picture after we’d picked up the face tattoos, into the inventory I went.

Sure, there’s a lot of my old favorites in here; the L&B leather pants of course because if you’re going to wear leather, than the L&B Mesh leathers are the way to go. Tucked (For boots), bare feet and regular (over boots/shoes) and a HUD to change the style of leather, you have plenty of options to choose from. My “Horns and Antlers” folder is crazy huge and I will probably never get a chance to wear them all- especially when you consider I picked up at least four new sets just at Mystic Realms Fair. This particular pair, from AII, are by default dark with glowy white tips but as they’re mod (Ahh, mod, my favorite setting of all) I was easily able to tint them to go with the darker, demony look.

Nope. No edits.

Nope. No edits.

I’ve met my match when it comes to “Ooh, I have an accessory that will go with this!” in Kavar, we stood around for almost an hour mix and matching items from recent events and shopping trips before we finally settled on the looks. As usual, I’m the dark and evil one and he’s the sweet, innocent (…almost) looking one. I suppose that’s fair, since it is my life’s mission to corrupt him. How’m I doin’ so far?

All of these photos are raw shots in world without any post-production. By using a combination of glowing, animated textures, sculpt burst prims, fog, projected textures and windlight, we were able to alter the color and strength of the lighting to create various different moods while never moving from the poses we were in. And as usual, I can never settle on one picture.

I personally think his is better than mine, but that’s just how I roll.
Remember when looking for that perfect Halloween costume to wear out to one of the dozens of parties coming up in the season on Second Life, dig into your inventories and make something unique! The pieces are there- get creative with your canvas!


Style Cards:

Pose: Del May – Yin & Yang (Just the Yang Half for both of us and altering the arm of one with avimare)

On Kavar:
Hair: Exile – High and Dry (White)
Skin: Aeros – River (cream::smooth)
Bone Tattoos: +Nuuna+ Voodoo tattoo – Male (Available at Costmetics Fair: Halloween Edition)
Necklaces: L&B – The Lover’s & Mandala – ERO-Sensei Necklace Silver
Pants: .Shi – Luca Meggings (Homme)
Belt/Suspenders: .Shi – Unisex Suspenders (Black)
Back Piece: AII – Anima Halo – Silver
Hand Armor: Remarkable Oblivion – Azrael
Leg Plates: [The Forge] iron Clad Leg Guards
Boots: [Gos] – Triumph

On Me:
Hair: Exile – Crash Into Me (Not Yet Available)
Skin: Aeros – Teghran (halva: bh)
Face Tattoo: +Nuuna+ Black Celebration Male (Available at Costmetics Fair: Halloween Edition)
Face Mask: 7mad;Ravens – (pretty)Monster – Black
Face Nails: DPD – Facenails (Tag Gacha Item)
Horns: AII – Teilae Horns
Body Tattoo: Haus of Darcy – Sanvean SLink Fully Body Paints (Black)
Wings: 7mad:Ravens – Neon Wings – Demon
Harness: ZED Black Hex Harness
Bracelets: Goth1c0 – Samantha Bracelets
Pauldrons & Collar: [The Forge] – Iron Clad
Arm Bands: DPD – Weapon Harness II – Dark Arm Bands

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