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The Fantasy Collective is coming up on the 20th of October and items have started filtering into the blogger group. First up for me is this outfit from Yasum.

Last TFC, Yasum released some exquisite leather pants with a HUD to change textures of the various pieces of them including show/hide options. This time around, it’s an entire outfit consisting of the tank top, undershirt, jeans, skirt, suspenders and belt. Layers, layers, layers and more layers. I love it!
The mesh is light, loose and wrinkly down the body that looks like it actually hangs off your body appropriately. Where a lot of mesh clothes fall apart I’ve found is when its supposed to be a thin t-shirt or light jacket; many just look frail and incomplete. The Yasum outfit does neither of those and just totally works.
There are 14 tanktop textures (3 black, 3 white, 4 tan and 3 grey with various designs on the solid color), 4 undershirt colors (black, grey, white and tan) as well as the ability to show or hide the undershirt. Both alphas are included.

For the lower half, there are 8 texture shades for both the trousers and skirt individually, 6 shades for the suspenders and 8 shades for the belt which peeks out beneath the tank top. As if those weren’t enough, there are 3 different metal textures for the bits on the skirt and you have the option to show or hide the suspenders.

The legs of the pants are wide enough that you can wear tight, low boots under them and have the front lift of the fabric to go over a boot, shoe or slink feet quite nicely.

Get your camera out from under my skirt!

Get your camera out from under my skirt!

Where this outfit really stands out is the upskirt. Because you know damn well you’re going to cam up under any man in a skirt. Don’t lie. The jeans texture is finished as well as the inside of the skirt so no matter what camera angle you go for, you’re going to see clothing- not the empty vacuum of space. (Yes, I realize I just set you up for a pretty amazing joke, but I’m not going to make it for you. You delinquents.)

Close-up: Jewelry

Close-up: Jewelry


Style Card:
Hair: Exile – After The Rain – Blacks
Mask: 7mad;Ravens – The Governor (Available at The Cosmo Sales Room)
Shirt, Pants and Skirt: Yasum – Goth Skirt Pants & Goth Tank with Mega Hud controller
Available starting October 20th @ The Fantasy Collective
Bracers: 7mad:Ravens – Pipe Dream Bracers (Available at The Body Modification Fair)
Rings: (Left) 7madravens – Stay True Available at The Body Modification Fair)
(Right) aru. – Fantasy Rings (Sets 1, 2 and 3) (Available at Mystic Realms)
Shoes: ZED – Mesh Goth Black Sandal boots Stovepipe Cargos

Poses: Del May, HISPose, Diesel Works, Floorplan throne chair (Adult)

One thought on “I’m Like An Onion – Its All About The Layers

  1. Zaaf says:

    Yup. The upskirt was a total disappointment. 😛

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