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As an avid body modification enthusiast in the real world, I was thrilled when I learned of the Body Modification fair brought to us in Second Life by Depraved Events. While I made a several purchases, I have to say I was a little disappointed that the piercing and tattoo offerings were rather limited by comparison to the rest of the fair. Lots of shoes for ladies, dozens of stores with nothing but slink nail appliers.. not things particularly striking what I call the body modification chord with me. A few pose stores which.. I still am trying to figure out what poses have to do with Body Modification.

And before you think, “Well sheesh, Nigel, are you just going to complain?” no, no I’m not. I am finally in possession of an item I’ve wanted in SL for the last eight years and finally have one that is just absolutely perfect. Which is where I’m starting today’s post.

Follow the pretty ribbons, win a prize

Follow the pretty ribbons, win a prize

Goth1c0, by Keishii Roo, has been around SL since I first started in 2006. I still have some of the early pre-sculpt clothes and accessories from back in the day (I’m a packrat, shuddup) and it has been a pleasure watching his store grow and get better and better. Over the years, there have been several “corset piercing” items available in SL but until Mesh, they would always break in certain poses. And they’ve always been built for the female body. Until now. Keishii’s corset piercing is lickable- bendable- foldable- and it drapes itself around your spine like a lover.

The Extreme Corset for Guys comes with a HUD driven texture changer with 12 ribbon textures and 12 metal colors for the rings.

bodymod2In addition to the corset strings, I picked up a host of other items that I absolutely love. First up, the leather Montserrat cuffs from etham. Simple and elegant, the cuffs are easily resizable and fit either high or low on the wrist depending on your preference. The ball clasp is a unique design and works with kink or non-kink outfits.

From 7madravens come some simple tape-style rings that are made to fit the male relaxed slink hand. While I don’t wear the particular size that the rings come in native, it was extremely easy to adjust and resize so they fit absolutely perfectly.

I picked up this belt form insanya as well. The Dominator 2.0 belt comes jam packed with goodies from little pockets along the back for condoms, lube packets, and god knows what else as well as a coiled whip, single-tail, and loops to hook other items into. Double buckle in front, I found the belt very easy to resize and fit my shape without having to change anything on myself to make them work.

bodymod3Faithful stalkers will attest to my rather deep addiction to all things having to do with antlers and horns. When I saw these babies from Plastik, I had to have them. I absolutely adore the melted candle look on them. A very versatile set of horns, these can be worn fully like this, without the candles (why wouldn’t you want to wear the candles!), just the top piece or just the bottom piece. Absolutely love sets that are like that so you can mix and match with various hair options.

Finally, from the Body Factory, I grabbed this shotgun. Comes in both an on-the-back holster version as well as a carry version with a pose included. Because sometimes, you just need a shotgun, dammit.

bodymod1LOTS of pretty to be found at the Body Modification fair! The fair is laid out in three concentric circles with the middle ring being mostly walk-through shops making it easy to zigzag around and get most of the shops in a single circle around the outside and finish with the inside, or vice versa, depending on how you wish to go about it.

Get thee hence!


All items below except Hair and Skin are available at the Body Modification Fair: Metropolis – Open Now

Hair: Exile – High and Dry – Blacks
Horns: Plastik – Living Light Horns – TechnomancerSkin: Aeros Avatars – Teghran
Tattoo: Letis – Inermis MM13017 v2
Shotgun: Body Factory – City Rebels Shotgun
Belt: ::insanya:: – Dominator 2.0
Cuffs: etham – Leather Cuff Bracelet – Monsterrat
Rings: 7madravens – Stay True
Corset Piercings: Goth1c0 – Corset Piercings for Guys

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  1. Zaaf says:

    That is unadulterated sexy.

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