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Mystic Realms Fair is upon us! On October 10th, the fair will open to the public. Spread over two full sims, this is one of the best fairs I’ve had the privilege to attend early as a blogger. Not only is it a fabulous collection of designers and creators, but Voshie and her team have outdone themselves when it comes to the decor and the pathing.  From the landing point on either sim, it is extremely simple to walk the path and be secure in the knowledge that you didn’t miss anything. There are no dead ends, no crazy turns, just a simple path that makes the most of the space.

So step inside with me for just a tiny glance at some of the pretty you’ll find. Stay tuned in the next few days for more from FATEplay, []TRAP[] and god knows what else I can get my filthy little hands on.
mrf1  Gauze has put out this amazing outfit called Fenrir for both men and women. The shoulders, vest, arm-guards and gloves are all mesh while the pants are system layer and come in two styles, this full pair I’m wearing here as well as a sluttified one-legged version with straps on the other leg. As they’re system, and quite lowcut, I can’t pull off the slutty version unless I’m willing to wear a tuck plate. I’m sure it looks faaabulous on the ladies though.

The only disappointment was the boots that are included in the set. They’re mesh- but unrigged for men. While normally I would be the first person to be thrilled at an unrigged pair of mesh boots that I could have fit men, they’re unfortunately not built in a way that you can actually wear them except for photos. Every pose of my AO broke them and sent them off in a weird direction. Don’t let this stop you from picking up the set, however. The pieces are also available individually, they’re resizable, and come with a color/texture hud so you can change the glow amounts as well as the colors of all the pieces.  I just happened to love the default blue.
From De La Soul, these horns are just one of the options in the Horns of the Deep package.  The horns come in several versions so you can wear them all or just pieces of the sets. Additionally, there is a HUD that allows for over 30 different color/texture bases, an option to show or hide the spikes, and are also modifiable so you can color them on top of the color texture options.  Truly versatile.

The latest in luscious long hair for men is Legend, from Exile. While I will wholly admit that I have more than a casual bias for anything from Exile what that I’m kinda married to the creator, there’s really nothing you can argue about with this hair. Damnit. So don’t argue. Just go get it. Because I said so!  On a serious note, its thick and long (….bad brain, come back here) with a full, flowing appearance and yet flat enough against the head that you can wear a number of hats with it and not have to stretch the hat out to silly size to make it fit. As always, the Exile hud for your color choice comes with so many combinations you can streak it beautifully.
mrf3The gloves and pauldrons on this set truly are inspirational. Just exquisite mesh and texturing. I couldn’t help but get a closeup of the gloves.

Two sims full of fantasy from every stripe of the rainbow. Be you into breedable little dwarves (I’m lookin’ at you Heph…), high elven princesses, or wolf hunters in the night- there’s really something for everyone into Fantasy.

Bravo, Mystic Realms Fair!



Mystic Realms Fair: Opening October 10th and running through October 26th. Each designer has 3 exclusive designs to the Fair. This really is a DO NOT MISS event.


Horns: De La Soul – Horns of the Deep – Warrior (Available at Mystic Realms Fair)
Hair: Exile – Legend (Available at Mystic Realms Fair)
Scars: Black Vulo Design – Wholebody Scars
Make-Up: []Trap[] – FADE Unisex Tintable Tattoo (Available at Mystic Realms Fair)
Shoulders, Vest, Gloves, Armbands, Pants: [Gauze] – Fenrir (Available at Mystic Realms Fair)
Weapons: Brutal Weapons – V-Nagan
Poses: Niqotine – No Longer In World

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