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Damien Fate has gone on a rampage releasing an entire autumn line of items for men in one fell swoop.  Wallets beware, gentlemen, you’re going to want them all.

First off, I can not recommend the FATEpack for these items enough. I will say that right up front. You can purchase each of these items in one color if you want.. but if you’re going to drop Lindens on a high quality item this fall, you might as well get 16 colors. Yes, 16. Each of the items he’s released come in 16 different colors and/or colored patterns when you FATEpack them. In addition to the color options, all of the offerings in the FATE fall line (as well as most of FATE period) are materials ready. SPECIAL NOTE: The FATEpack HUD will be in your lower right hand corner. If all you see is the FATE logo, the HUD is minimized. Just click on the logo to maximize your HUD.

Please see each individual photo for which item it is in the fall catalog along with the pose. The stylecard at the bottom contains direct links to the marketplace for demos. All of these  are coupled with the FATEwear Faded Billy jeans.  All shots are 100% unedited save to crop them. All shots were done on my home sim, Sandalphon. The sim is available for photographers to use at their leisure, as an aside. Build is turned on. I’m in the middle of rebuilding but several sections are finished. 😀 /shameless plug off

Buckle up, kids, its a long one!

Robertson Sweater Pose: BeBo-Male-15

Robertson Sweater
Pose: BeBo-Male-15

First out the door is the Robertson Sweater; a thick, knit turtleneck that folds and hugs in all the ways it should. What struck me the most about this sweater is the little fold of fabric along the bottom band. The realism is just all warm snuggly fall-like for me.


Robbie Turtleneck Shirt Pose: Botanical Log Seat

The Robbie Turtleneck, by comparison, is a soft, thin smooth turtleneck that’s perfect to layer with jackets or for that early Fall slightly crisp spark in the air. What I love especially is the perfect way it bends over the leg while sitting and doesn’t flip up like so many mesh pieces do when you sit down.


Jonah – Dual Shirts Pose: Diesel Works – Gabriel 7

FATE has always been about layering and the Jonah pair of shirts is the first set in this massive release to be layered. The two shirts are individually color changeable in the FATEpack in all 16 colors by using the “part 1” and “part 2” buttons on the HUD. You can even make the bottom of the shirt a different color than the rest if you really want to be unique.   The shadowing along the edges of the two shirts is flawless as usual.


Jameson – Layered Shirts Pose: Diesel Works – Drogo 9

Like the Jonah with its solid color options, Jameson plays on the same design only the shirt underneath is a plaid patterned shirt available in the signature color schemes. The lapels sit flawlessly in that way that you can never manage in RL which just makes this one of those must haves.


Brock Shirt Pose: BB – Window Mat – Ponder

Stepping deeper into the world of plaid, Damien has made the Brock shirt in both a tucked and untucked (shown here) style. Like all of his shirts, the bend over the legs is flawless in its rigging and doesn’t stick up oddly in seated poses but rather curls over the leg like it should. The pockets are pronounced but not too high as many pockets seem to be on mesh shirts. The shoulder-pad design is a classic western touch that really sets this off from other shirts.

Curt - Jacket and Shirt Pose: Heart Homes - Fisherman's Tale Boat

Curt – Jacket and Shirt
Pose: Heart Homes – Fisherman’s Tale Boat

Moving from shirts and into shirt and jacket combos, Curt is a smart, slim jacket combined with a silky looking button down. The shirt is available in both a tucked and untucked version. In addition, you can wear the jacket without the shirt as well if you wish and both alpha layers are provided with the purchase.


Connor – Jacket, Hoodie & T-shirt Pose: Consignment – Jack’s Bugout Shelter Bed

From a double play to a triple play, Connor is a mix-n-match lover’s wet dream. Three alpha layers are provided so you can wear all or just wear pieces. Additionally, each one is color changeable with the FATEpack HUD so you can just go bananas crazy with the color combinations.  What I love the most about this one is the way the fabric of each layer just rolls over each other and bends and folds naturally.


Parker – Jacket, shirt, tie, turtleneck – Long and Short Versions – ALL IN ONE! Pose: Just My AO 🙂

Next up is Parker. With Parker, you’re getting the long version shown here as well as the short version shown below in the next two shots. Parker is a thick, suede/soft leather look that is so amazingly versatile. You can wear the short or long jacket with the shirt and tie or turtleneck… or nothing visible at all if you wish! Alpha layers are provided for every possible combination.  Similarly with all FATE products, the HUD can be used to individually color change the options.


Parker – Short Version Just my AO again


Parker – Short with Turtleneck


Osbourne – Jacket, Shirt, Turtleneck & Tie Pose: Greasy Diner Chair

Finally, we come to Osbourne. Osbourne is identical to Parker except, as you can see with the materials, it is a tougher, thicker leather… the kind you just want to start licking at one lapel and… oh, wait, that’s probably just me, huh?  This is another area where FATE just stands out. Damien’s materials work is stellar and with the same design make two completely different jackets.  Where Parker demands attention as a gentleman’s jacket, Osbourne can be a grittier, more west end look.


So get thee hence to FATE and shop your guts out, hmm?



FATEwear Autumn Tops / Jackets for Men: All Links go to Demos.
Osbourne Jacket
Connor Jacket, Hoodie & T-shirt
Curt Jacket & Shirt
Parker Jacket, Shirt, Tie & Turtleneck (Long & Short Jackets)
Brock Shirt
Jameson Layered Shirt
Jonah Layered Shirt
Robertson Sweater
Robbie Turtleneck Shirt

Paired with:
Faded Billy Jeans



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  1. aryanna001 says:

    You in that Parker jacket? Me. Effen. Ow. Incredible looks all of them, his attention to detail is impeccable. Hard to find these days.

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