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The Secret Affair for September starts September 15th. This month, Secret Affair is devoted to all things Ravens and Edgar Allen Poe. As a now Professionally Retired Goth(tm), my relationship with Mr. Poe has ranged from the melodramatic affectations of a vintage highschool goth to the pretentious victorian goth and all of my luced absinthe haze. Somewhere in there, I gained a real appreciation for his tortured talent.
Many of the designs at Secret Affair this month are truly inspired not just from the works of Poe and the sweeping imagery of the period itself but also just taking his most famous, The Raven, and working an avian theme into many of the pieces. The most stunning of which coming from PFC.
The pauldrons come with a color hud that has 5 different metal and 10 different feather textures. One particularly stunning texture set is the white bloody feathers. 100% original mesh, the pauldrons are easily resized for just about any avatar shape.  Also from PFC is the Trapped Soul necklace which sits perfectly between the massive feathers of the shoulderpads.
Fetch has put out two different offerings. A furniture set (PG/A) in deep reds, black and gold and a Poe chair gacha. The chair comes with 24 different solo sit poses and is big enough that you could put in your own couples poses if you wished. May’s Soul has a great little Crow gacha that has masks, a hat, an evil little bunny, and two different shoulder ravens. The poet shirt is from !og0!
and comes in 6 different colors. It has a fluid sorta billowy shape to it but still thin to the body so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a huge bag.

Last on my preview shopping spree, but most definitely not least, is the amazing Gacha set from 22769 ~ [bauwerk]. The Fall of The House of Usher is a beautiful skybox in deep rich tones that is big enough to put in more than just what you can get from the gacha. The sofa (rare), chair and coffin all have a few simple poses included inside. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted, 100% original mesh with rich wood textures accurate to the period. All together, the set is around 70 LI.
There are lots of beautiful outfits for the ladies as well. As I was sneaking around doing my shopping, Valentine E was putting up her gowns that are absolutely stunning.

Mark Your Calendars: Secret Affair starts September 15th.


Event Listing:
Jewelry Fair 2014
The Secret Affair – September

Poe #1 & Poe #2
Hair: Exile – The Day The World Went Away (Available at Uber – September)
Skin: Aeros Avatars – Teghran
Make-up: [NM] War Mask 02 Black – Male (From Tales of Fantasy – August)
Scars: Black Vulo Design – Wholebody Scars
Pauldrons: PFC~Raven Pauldrons (Available at The Secret Affair – September)
Necklace: PFC~Trapped Soul (Available at The Secret Affair – September)
Pants: Yasum – Mesh Mad Leathers (From TFC – August)
Whip: ~*S.E.*~ – The Lash
Armbands: Goth1c0 – The Spine Bracelet – Male (From an event which I have, in my event haze, forgotten… sorry…)
Wristbands: Goth1c0 – Samantha Bracelet (Available at Jewelry Fair 2014)

Del May – End of the Road
Del May – Gentle Aggressor Male

Poe #3
Hair: Exile – Unravel (Messy) (From C88 – August)
Shirt: !gO! – Dorian Shirt – Black (Available at Secret Affair – September)

Chair: [Fetch] – Poe’s Chair – Dreary RARE (Available at Secret Affair – September) 24 single sit poses
Shoulder Raven: May’s Soul – The Satan Crow (Available at Secret Affair – September)


The Fall of The House of Usher Gacha – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Gacha Set
Available at The Secret Affair – September

One thought on “I Became Insane With Long Intervals of Horrible Sanity

  1. aryanna001 says:

    Growing up in the hometown of Edgar Allen Poe, I naturally have a fondness for anything related. I would love to take a stroll through this event. If only I could update without issue! I love the photos and it’s so difficult to pick a favorite. So all of them are my favorite!

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