Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

How can I put this in a way so as not to offend or unnerve
There’s a rumor goin’ all round that u ain’t been gettin’ served
They say that u ain’t u know what
In baby who knows how long
It’s hard 4 me 2 say what’s right
When all I wanna do is wrong
Prince, Gett Off

It’s been awhile since Operation Slutmachine has had an avenue to strut down with style. But sometimes all it takes is that perfect new item you find at an event to just make the rest of it come together.

My inner goth boy is completely thrilled with this new release from Schadenfreude. Available at c88 for September, the Black Miami Fishnet Gloves come in short, medium and long lengths both torn and neat. Same goes for the Fishnet Leggings; two versions, torn and neat, in a regular hip height as well as a low rise version.  The gloves have Slink appliers which just makes me a happy little goth boy in ways that are illegal in several states.

The Loft has released a whole series of neon signs perfect for that Miami 80’s night. Not only animals, a rose, and other cute little neon bits, there are some great tongue-in-cheek SL related neons that I just had to have.
September is an amazing month for events all the way around. Uber, Arcade, c88, TMD… its going to be a busy week of blog posts for sure. If that wasn’t enough, Jewelry Fair 2014 also starts on September 13th. I snuck in during the blogger preview and while most of the vendors haven’t set up yet, what I did see was pretty amazing. This necklace, by 22769, is just one of my purchases. Lots of complete sets as well as individual pieces. Definitely an event you won’t want to miss.

Now move your big ass ’round this way
So I can work on that zipper, baby
Tonight you’re a star
And I’m the big dipper



Sex Bed Sign: The Loft – Neon Sign Sex Bed (Available at c88 – September)
Keep Calm Sign: The Loft – Neon Sign Keep Calm (Available at c88 – September)
Bed: Apple Fall – Pallet Bed
Build/Lights:Glitterati – Blind


Hair: Exile – Far Behind (Blacks)
Skin: Aeros Avatars – Teghran
Eyes: Damien Fate – FATEeyes 3.0
Glasses:Role Optic Glasses – Ares I
Fishnets: Schadenfreude – Black Miami Fishnets (Available at c88 – September)
Necklace: 22769 – The Phoenix Necklace – Silver (Available at Jewelry Fair 2014 – OPENS SEPTEMBER 13TH)
Belt: Cargo – Ejector Belt
Skirt: Cracked Mirror – Plaid Skirt (With Suspenders)
Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos Boots Black (Available at Uber – September)

Poses: Del May – Censored & Del May – Got it Covered

One thought on “23 Positions In A One Night Stand

  1. naughty naughty! go to your room!

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