Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Sometimes you have to step back, slow down, and find a quiet place. A place where you can walk out on the front porch, inhale the scent of fresh cut grass and watch the sunrise. Where you lean back into your partner when s/he brings you your morning cup of coffee; the steam rising up around your face and waking you up. A home away from home.
For those of us that have lived 95% of our lives in big cities, the slower pace of farm life is an idyllic dreamworld full of hay, horses, long stretches of flat nothing through soft rolling hills, and beautiful sunsets and sunrises that we never get in the city. For most of us, it doesn’t take long before the reality of loud (and big) bugs, livestock, manure, and silence drives us crazy and sends us running back to the city to wrap our arms around the first 6-lane, 4-way intersection stop-light pole.

But sometimes, you just want to stay there.

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Holding me closer ’til our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home

-Ed Sheeran, Photograph

Wild Wild West Fair – Through September 5th
We ❤ Roleplay – Monthly

Broken Windmill: [we’re CLOSED] – broken windmill
Power Poles: [we’re CLOSED] – power poles
Barn: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Old Barn Red
Hay Bales: [we’re CLOSED] hay bales spring
Chicken Coop: [DDD] – Chicken Coop (Available at We ❤ Roleplay, August)
Barrels + Pose: SN~ A Man’s Barrel (Available at Wild Wld West Fair)

Hat: 7madravens – Unforgiven Cowboy Hat (Available at Wild Wild West Fair)
Shirt: Orion – Flannel
Bracelets: Pure Poison – Jake Leather Cuffs
Jeans: L&B – S’wear Jeans – Denim
Boots: [ON] – Engineer Boots (Closed, no longer in world)

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