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As my faithful stalkers will attest, I have an intimate relationship with Silly. I love silly. The only thing I love more than Silly is Damned Well Executed Silly. This is where Regi Yifu, owner of Regimade, shines like a beacon of insanity.

Regularly, Regi hands out these amazing freebies to those in his store group as well as those of us nutjobs who are glad to call him a friend. Today’s freebie, The TV Avatar, is one of his best yet.

These shots are all 100% unedited except to crop them.  Simple, there are just 3 pieces plus an invisible avatar alpha: The Head, body and remote. I experimented and used the TV head with my own body and it works just as well if you prefer your own body underneath the TV head.  The Body is rigged mesh and can go in any pose you can imagine just like your own body. Additionally, the static body picks up the glow of whatever windlight you choose so you can really go crazy and have fun with projected textures, lights, the whole deal.
After overanalyzing every possible option, I just went with the buzzing static of black and white to match the TV itself. In its natural state, its hows your Profile photo. If you click the TV, it will switch between a few different static screens which I’ve tried to capture in different poses as well to show off the versatility of the body.
As if that wasn’t enough silly for one amazing freebie, if you go into mouselook, the remote fires Televisions.

Yes. Televisions.

Head on over to Regimade to check out not only the dozens of freebies you can pick up from  balloon animals you can ride, hysterical gestures with props and animations,  and an incredible personal dance machine (It has to be seen to be believed.. no, I’m not giving you a photo, go get one and look around!) to my always favorite, the Flying Fuck which he made with his partner, Ty Yifu.  Check out his other products too- he has a whole line of M/M animations in just about every type of piece of furniture you can imagine as well as 100% original mesh creations.

Go Home TV, You're Drunk

Go Home TV, You’re Drunk

Embrace The Silly,



TV Avatar – Regi Yifu, Regimade Store , Or On The Marketplace
Poses: Glitterati

Official TV Avatar Poster by Regi Yifu

Official TV Avatar Poster by Regi Yifu


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