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My faithful stalkers will attest that my devotion to sweaters that are slightly too big for me is absolute. The warmth you can only find when you’re curled up in that sweater that’s just a little too big. Since I’m not wearing much more than that, I’ve put the photo behind the cut today. It’s SFW, but maybe pg-13. What do I know.
With my most recent RL Day Job trips and the baked-in political drama out of my hair for the moment, I was able to find some time to snap the first of the goodies from c88. From [monso], the cropped sweater comes in several colors and each has two styles; really cropped and only kinda cropped. With four sizes to the sweater, I was able to put on the largest of them and get swallowed up in materials enabled wrinkles. What impresses me the most about this expert specimen of comfort is the way it hangs. I must have been in a million poses before deciding on the simple stands for the sweater and no matter which one I chose, the sweater just hung off of me in all the right ways.
The underarms are a little tricky- with materials on, depending on which windlight you use, if you stretch your arms up the shading gets a little weird on the white version of the shirt and looks a bit like stretched out plastic. I’d attribute it to a combination of factors and not a fault of the creator. Your mileage may vary.

Wandering through my partially decorated Carriage House from Trompe (also, conveniently, available at c88) this song started running through my head so I’ll share it as well. Laying in front of the candle-filled fireplace downstairs in the dark, curled up in my favorite sweater.


Be good to each other.


Style Card:

Building: Trompe Loleil – Brooklyn Carriage House (Available at C88 – August)
Curtains:[Con.] Athena Dining Set – Curtains (Available at c88 – August)
Table: Trompe Loleil – Cobble Hill Dresser
Table Lamp: Trompe Loleil – Glass Deco Lamp

Shirt: [monso] – My Cropped Sweater – White (Available at C88 – August)
Tattoo: Letis – Inermis MM13017 v2 (Available at District 5 – August)
Underwear: [] Men’s Underwear Mesh Unrigged
Socks: Siren Co. – White Socks (No longer in world)

Poses: Shot #1 & Shot #2 : Del May
Shot #3: [N] No longer available


5 thoughts on “Hain’t It Funny

  1. Zaaf says:

    Love the sweater. Love the song. Love the post. Love.

  2. ȡąɲąƒ ! says:

    yes! i agree a super post. luv the pics. i noticed some other blogs show the sweater looking shiny n plastic like, maybe its to do with the materials tech.

    1. I think its the materials, yes. But in most windlight settings, it isn’t as obvious. Glad you liked the post!

  3. aryanna001 says:

    Love, love, love. The lamp shot is exquisite.

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