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This month’s Men’s Department is a treasure trove of goodies. I haven’t been this pleased, or spent this much money, at a TMD in quite a while.  To borrow from the lovely blogs of both Egos Like Hairdos  and Bishy Style SL, I decided to write what was going on in my head to go with each photo. Sue me, I’ve been feeling the roleplay bug lately.

You should really go check out their blogs. Wonderful storytellers and photographers.

Bed from Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 - Chair from Kalospia @ TMD

Bed from Apple Fall @ Chapter 4 – Chair from Kalospia @ TMD

The lamplight from outside was enough for me to curl up in my favorite chair and read for a few hours but no matter what I tried to focus on, my mind kept drifting back to you. The scent in your hair when you kissed my neck for the first time. The feel of your hands pushing up my shirt so you could lick your way down my chest. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t breathe.
I flopped back on the bed and grabbed another shirt since I’d wrinkled up my grey one by rending it in my hands while I tried desperately not to think about your hands under it, all over me, teasing me in ways I’d missed for so long. I grabbed up the scuffed up shoes you left under the edge of my bed and put them on. Thought I wouldn’t find those, didn’t you? So subtle you are, leaving behind the scent of leather in something as insignificant as a pair of shoes. I laid back on the bed, drifting, always drifting, caught in the moment of seeing you come through the door; taking off your tie and tossing it over the back of the chair.
I finally had to rip the shirt off I’d just put on-  it was so fucking hot in the apartment. Even though it was close to midnight, I paced back and forth through my little studio apartment, trying to get my mind off of the way your skin tasted. The way your strong arms felt wrapped around my waist. I decided I had to get out, do anything, go dancing, to get my mind off of you.  I threw on another shirt, one that wasn’t drenched already in sweat, and looked out the window to see if that car door slam was you, coming to surprise me.
The cold shower was a blessing but even then you still wouldn’t get out of my head. The weight of your hard body above me; the feel of your skin against mine; the intoxicated look on your face when you kissed me afterward. I grabbed the shirt and jacket you left here too and, covered in your scents, went out to the club.

OK so that little fantasy hour done with, I just have to gush about the clothes! The clothes! The Clothes! The rolled up body shirt from Gabriel is their bessed “messed up” shirt to date. Pocket up over the shoulder and wide open neckline, this shirt just screams “RUMPLE ME UP!”.  Available in white, grey, black, and blue as well as a fatpack.  The Henley shirt comes in 12 colors or fatpacked and has that wonderful thickness that I love in a good, longsleeved shirt. Open-necked with buttons, the shadows and wrinkles wrap around you in that good, warm, comfy way that makes you want to crawl up inside of it and have a nap. The Zaara is one of those styles that I’ve been waiting for here in SL! Longsleeved with the long, open-drawstring neck, it comes in a rainbow of 12 (or so, I didn’t count!) colors as well as a separate HUD (For $125L) that will change the color of the bands down the center of the neckline into one of the same colors as the shirts. The HUD works with any of the shirts so you can get a few, or fatpack, and get all the stripes. It reminds me of a poet shirt without all the puffy ruffles. The new release from …Scars... is SO delightful. Its formalish but can also be partnered with jeans for a less formal affair. 5 different patterns for shirt and jacket each, the outfit is NOT in pieces so you have to wear both the shirt and the jacket at the same time, the HUD is a great collection of black and white materials.  Finally, lets talk about the jeans and shoes. These liquid Mesh jeans from Redgrave are THE item to have right now. No drop crotch, no saggy ass, just the right width pants that flow down over your legs in materials-ready goodness with a wealth of baggy wrinkles but not so much that you look like a sharpei puppy.  You can also change the flare of the bottom of the pants by changing your footsize! How cool is that.  The shoes join my collection of “beautifully worn” shoes with scuffs and blemishes on the leather that I absolutely love. Black, Brown and Ivory or fatpacked.

And with that, I’m off for the rest of the week on a business trip. See you cats and jammers around SL and Plurk in the evenings.



Style Card:

Box: Glitterati – Blind
Bed: Apple Fall – Pallet Bed – Available at Chapter 4
Chair: Kalopsia – Crate Books Chair – Available at TMD – August

Hair: Dura – Boy*51 Black – Available at TMD – August
Skin: Aeros Avatars – Teghran
Glasses:primOptic Zadig glasses 1.19
Eyes: Damien Fate – FATEeyes 3.0
Liprings:.:ellabella:. Blance Piercings
Tattoo: Letis – Tau Puppis

Shot: #1
Hair: Dura – Boy*51 Black – Available at TMD – August
Shirt: Gabriel – Body rolled up t-shirt grey – Available at TMD – August
Pants & Belt: Redgrave – LQMesh Leather Jeans+Belt BATIK – Available at TMD – August
Pose: Del May – Lifeguard

Shot: #2
Shirt: Zaara – Imran Kurta – Ivory (w/Optional HUD for Seams) – Available at TMD – August
Pants & Belt: Redgrave – LQMesh Leather Jeans+Belt BATIK – Available at TMD – August
Shoes: Redgrave – Blake Loafters – Vintage Black – Available at TMD – August
Pose: Del May – Stairway

Shot: #3
Shirt: ::K:: – Henley Neck Shirts Homme – Painted-Red – Available at TMD – August
Pose: Del May – Sultry Male Arm Variant

Shot: #4
Shirt & Jacket – …Scars… – Long Jacket t-model – Available at TMD – August
Pants: Redgrave – LQMesh Leather Jeans+Belt BATIK – Available at TMD – August
Pose: Del May – wall nudge male

6 thoughts on “Men’s Department for August

  1. Zaaf says:

    As always, you wear these styles really well.

  2. petracarpenter says:

    I’ll tell Nigel what I really think….I really think he should return to writing those short stories and invite his friends to do photo shoots to add to said short stories!!! And yes that was a not so subtle hint for you to poke me should the urge arise in you once more. On that note I am off to bed…oh and the clothes are pretty niffty too!

  3. Kharissa Indigo says:

    I never know what I am going to see you in I love it! and a little intrigue as well …brilliant

  4. Rwah says:

    “So subtle you are, leaving behind the scent of leather in something as” That made me smile. They do that.. Those who know.

    Love your post and the pics Reverent.

  5. That really is lovely photography- and a great little story to tie everything together.
    And TMD really has floored me with the offerings this time. If you’re one of those designers reading this, terrific work!!

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