Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

It started because I wanted to check Exile and see if any of the other hair meant for ladies would fit for men. A lot of Kavar’s styles can be worn by both so I figure, what the hell, let’s go look.  Next thing I know, I’ve been all over the grid finding pieces of a whole new outfit here and there because, lets face it, I’m a shopping addict.

So lets start with the hair.

Just the hair, ma'am. Just the hair.

Just the hair, ma’am. Just the hair.

As more and more of my clothing becomes mesh (Oh you ladies scoff because you’ve been in mesh for ages but we boys have had less time to adapt to this new fangled technology), I find that a lot of my long hair just doesn’t work. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m never going to shear off my long locks but once in a blue moon, or when I want to really show off a shirt or jacket, short hair has to be the go to hair of choice. What I love about this particular cut is that its whispy (which Kavar@Exil excels at doing) and has curves around the face/neck/shoulders that I don’t see often elsewhere. Additionally, you get his amazing color HUD for streaks and additions to his base shade pack that makes it a no brainer. Extremely versatile.
I saw an ad go by on my Flickr stream for these new hoodies from Kelini and was struck by the texturing and richness of the color. Not just the vest portion, but also the white of the sleeves! White is so hard to get right in SL; too white and you lose the wrinkles, too much shading and you’re wearing grey. These hoodies really did it for me.
I’d originally gone in for the Blue one because that rich blue was just such an awesome color. I’d been standing in the store for a while, zoning out and IMing friends when the owner wandered past. We waved, said hi, she went on her way. I realized I had picked up the Red RO Cat Headphones and I should get the red one hoodie to go with them (Should, wanted, needed, dear god get some color in your black wardrobe, Nigel) so went to purchase and saw it was set for sale for $10L while the rest were $350. So I IMed Eva to let her know and waited so I could buy it. Instead, she gifted me not only with that one but with 3 other color variations as well. Talk about a sweetheart.

The hoodies go great with leather trousers but I was feeling kinda restless and remembered seeing a friend in a chronokit shirt the other day in a photo so, since I hadn’t been there in a while, hopped over to see what they’d come out with in the last several months.

Picked up both the jeans and the boots. The jeans are one-size fitted mesh and come in this style as well as with a fold-up at the bottom. They fit perfect over their boots (naturally) so it was a no brainer to partner them together.  I love the bunching and wrinkling of the trousers as well as how wonderful it works around a bent knee. A lot of mesh sorta mangles the knees when you kneel or sit and I was thrilled to see these did not.
The boots are a little odd depending on the position you stand in, so you definitely will want to try the demo to see if you like them with your particular body size. I like the well lived in feel to them. They’re not all fresh, shiny and new. And I love a good well, lived in pair of boots.

Be excellent to one another. I’m off on a couple back to back business trips for the Day Job. Alas, Uber will have to wait until the weekend for me and blogging probably the following week. Arrrgh, the torment.


Style Card:

Ear Headphones: Remarkable Oblivion – Cat-A-Clysm – Red
Hair: Exile – Lazy Summer Days (Made For Women, Works For Men!)
Glasses: primOptic Zadig glasses 1.19
Skin: Aeros Avatars – Teghran
Hoodie: Kelini – Urban Jacket Style1 – White & Red
Jeans: *chronokit* Slim Pants Denim Black
Boots: *chronokit* Boots03 Red

Del May Inworld Store
Pose#1 – Del May – Daggers Male
Pose#2 – Del May – Urbane Male
Pose#3 Del May – Eyes To The Sky Male
Pose#4 Del May – Got It Covered Male

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