Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

FATEplay is at it again with an amazing Nuclear Collection of roleplay gear for all of your wasteland eternity needs. Each style is available for both men and women and available in multiple colors and options. Each option painstakingly detailed with the eye for shadow, wrinkle and materials that has become Signature for anything released by Damien Fate. Unlike many of the recent FATEplay sets, this one is completely mix and match instead of the ‘single attachment’ so you can wear the trousers, shirt, belt, or jacket independently or in any combination thereof.
My favorite of the set, unsurprisingly, is the Wasteland Ranger complete with a uniquely styled cowboy hat, worn and tattered jacket, and the best bulletbelt I’ve yet to see in game. 5 color sets of “Dusty” from an all-black (pictured here) to a combination of tans, reds, blue jeans and more make the FATEpack a versatile bargain. Especially when you add in the ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ options for each piece.
Included free in each of the sets, Nuclear War Survivor, Wasteland Ranger, or Nuclear Shelter Dweller (Each available for men and women alike in a host of colors), is the ArmPod computer. This is the one item that is also sold separately with easy resizing options, clean and weathered versions, and screen display changes.
Photo Contest
Happy First Year Anniversary to FATEplay
In honor of the first anniversary, you could win every new release from FATEplay for the next year. Just submit your photo featuring FATEplay clothing (NOTE: FATEplay only) between now and August 21st to the FATEdesign flickr group.  Winners will be announced before the end of August.

More Information about FATEplay’s Anniversary Release can be found on Damien’s Blog. This huge Holocaust Line is available now in the main store and on the marketplace.

On Draconias:
FATEplay – Micky Light
RO – Scissorhands
DECO – MESH Classic Sneaks
FATEplay – ArmPod
DRD Chain Necklace
~*S.E.*~ Oculus
.Shi Hair : Chic

Pose: Photo #1 Not in world anymore

Photo #3: Included with Chair @ Wasteland

On Me Photo #1
Hair: ^;^ catwa ^;^ – Ben (New!)
Mask: Eudora 3D – Technomancer (Available at We Roleplay – July)
Hat, Jacket, Shirt, Belt, Trousers, ArmPad: FATEplay – Dusty – Dark* Promotional Copy
Shoes: Eudora – Hunter Boots Mono – Black
Weapon: JPK Steampunk Assault Rifle
Pose: Niquotine – No Longer In World

On me: Photo #2
Hair: Exile – Blown Away (currently avaialble at Hair Fair 2014)
Shirt, Jumpsuit: FATEplay – Mickey – Dark
Shoes: Eudora – Hunter Boots Mono-Black
Pose: Del May – Male Bad Hair day

Location: Slaughterhouse – Fallout Wasteland

2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Anniversary to FATEplay

  1. Siobhin Shippe says:

    Awesome post Nigel 🙂

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