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I spend a lot of time outside of Second Life looking for items within it. Plurk, Flickr, and avatar blogs are the primary sources of how I find out about new items, sales, events, and generally figure out how I’m going to spend my precious Lindens. Rarely does the Marketplace sit at the top of my list, never mind in-world search.  Between the filters breaking everyone’s ratings and people not understanding how to categorize and tag their items, I just don’t have the patience for the Linden provided search mechanics.

Besides, how the hell would you search for half the stuff I like? I mean, other than ‘stuff that picky bastard Nigel likes’. Right?

In my Flickr wanderings yesterday during a meeting, I came across this image by Vitani Jun and thanks to the comments section, I was able to track down who made it and that it was still available for sale. Day of Days! With my trusty late-night shopping partner at my side, we purchased and perused the other items in the shop and I had scanned right over this particular helmet thinking I couldn’t pull off such a thing.

Phear My Silly!

Phear My Silly!

Apparently, I was wrong.

From the “It’s only Lindens, right?” perspective, I went ahead and got it and after some resizing and finding the right hair to fit under it, I was pleasantly surprised that I still have my silly chops. This is one of those items, when I find them in Second Life, reminds me of how wonderful it is when talented creators turn completely silly and make wonderful items that can be used in a multitude of situations.

There’s a fine line between silly and stupid. Next to that is the chasm that separates silly from cute. Cute and I don’t get along, generally speaking. Cutesy crap annoys the fuck out of me for the most part. Items like this Maus helm (Which comes in a Miss Maus version with a sweet little bow on the ear) can be used for adorably cute, silly, stupid, crazy, and over-the-top-intense like I’ve done which brings it right back into silly.
I love silly. I love to laugh. Making people laugh is a highlight in my regular circumvention of the sun. So it was with great joy I unpacked the Vegetables of Mass Destruction and read the “Destructions” notecard:

“follow these destructions

Click pack to make vegetables appear

1) Go into Mouselook
2) Reign firey carrots of doom down on unsuspecting foes
3) make stew from remains
4) run away”

Hysterical sound effects and, yes, it shoots temp carrots that are on fire at your targets.

Take time out and enjoy the silly. Go now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200L.

Compilation of 4 photos  shot by Chandni Khondji

Compilation of 4 photos shot by Chandni Khondji



Style Card:
Skin: Aeros Avatars – Teghran
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands for Men – Relax
Tattoo: Letis – Tau Puppis
Bracelets: Gabriel – Leather Bracelet A & B (Available at The Men’s Department for July)
Pants: X*Plosion – X*Bolt Red Jeans

Shot #1
Helmet, Eyepatch & Collar: Dirty Cute by Fade Dana
Helmet & Collar resizable via Menu. Eyepatch separate by hand edit
Crows & Pose: ::Axix:: – Lord Crow
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Summerwind (Available at Summerfest)

Shot #2
Vegetables of Mass Destruction: Dirty Cute
Hair:[Underscore] – Lyon (Smooth Texture Set)
Pose: Niquotine – No Longer In World

Flying Carrots! Shot by Chandni (Since you can’t fire a weapon in mouselook and take pictures at the same time… luckily, no carrots were harmed in the capturing of this image)

[18:19] Chandni (Chandni Khondji): okay among the million pictures I shot there are really some WITH carrots.. yay me
[18:19] Chandni (Chandni Khondji): lol
[18:19] Chandni (Chandni Khondji): them fuckers are fast

5 thoughts on “The Vegetables of Destruction

  1. aryanna001 says:

    It’s a small world afterall. *wink*

    Love. Love. Love.

  2. Zaaf says:

    Can I see that in turnips, please?

    1. I’m afraid the figging crowd bought up all the turnips. Could I interest you in a nice cucumber, perhaps?

  3. Zaaf says:

    I do enjoy a nice flaming cuke.

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