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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

All hail the creators of mesh, for lo, the sweeping and bold but delicate lines of these outfits have not been done so well before now. Period. End of Sentence.

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Long before my first visit to Tokyo around 1999 or 2000, I had developed an affection for the history, culture and beauty of Japan. In college, I attempted to learn Japanese and quickly found that it was not one in which I would become fluent. I satisfied my interest with the beautiful films of Akira Kurosawa, Kaneto Shindo and the nihilistic violence of Takeshi Kitano while at the same time being turned on to Tampopo- the most hysterical spaghetti western I’ve ever seen.

Some friends turned me on to some of the more amazing Anime from directors like Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.  Such lovely, intricate and soul-searching stories “hidden” inside a genre that we ‘muricans were brought up to believe were only for kids: animation.  I was able to fall deeply in love with the unique stories not only from Studio Ghibli but the vast array of stunning work from the psychological thriller, Perfect Blue, to the cheesy space opera, Cowboy Bebop.

It is this combination of fantasy and realism that draws me to the anime films of Japan. They just *get it*, for lack of a better term.  The combination of the spiritual, legends going back further than the written word, and modern-day science fiction is achieved so beautifully. The uses of color and scene and texture in a way that evokes emotion. These are things the rest of the world just usually fails at- and fails dramatically in most cases.

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If there was anywhere that we could mimic the sheer beauty and collection of ideas, its Second Life.  It’s what makes me so thrilled to finally own some period clothing in mesh that truly evokes a feel and gives you the ability to dive in headfirst and only come up when you need air.

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~SSS~ has outfits for both men and women.  They can be mixed and matched together or worn separately. What impressed me the most about this shop is that the outfits don’t appear or feel rubbery like a lot of the mesh in this style can be. Its like anything wide-legged or baggy just turns to rubber on the default avatar skeleton. These don’t. They feel like layers of thin fabric. And its beautiful.

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The horns and mask, from CerebusXing, I picked up recently at The Thrift Store. They can be worn separately and there are two versions of the mask- with and without the nails. This is one of the first masks I’ve had where the wrap-around the head is just as intrictate as the rest of the piece so you can wear it with hair up or down and it’s just exquisitely done.

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Click For Larger Image – Raw, Unedited Shot


~Ss~, no that isn’t a typo, sells the Geta and Tabi. Otherwise, all of the clothing is from ~SSS~. Links are below in the stylecard.


Style Card:

Hair: Dura – Boy 40
Horns: [CX] – Restrained Demons Horns
Mask: [CX] – Restrained Demons Mask (Seal + Nails)
CerberusXing – In World Location or Marketplace
Skin:Aeros Avatars – Teghran
Poses: Niquotine – Battle Stances Pack – No Longer Available in World

All clothing from SunSkySea Constantine of ~SSS~
Markeplace or In-world Mainstore 

Shot #1
Outfit: ~SSS~ Yabumi (Kimono + Hakama)
Weapons: *HB* – Shingen Katana

Shot #2
Outfit: ~SSS~ Tensho (Haori + Kimono + Hakama) Leave To
Shoe / Sock: ~Ss~ Geta (Rikyu) Fit Rigged, ~Ss~ Male Tabi Fit and Rigged
Weapons: *HB* – Shingen Katana

Shot #3
Outfit: ~SSS~ Katahadanugi – Night

Shot #4 & #5
Coat: ~SSS~ Jinbaori (kimono Haori Coat) – Silver

3 thoughts on “The Truth of The Opera House

  1. Slice says:

    Gorgeous ensembles and stunning images!

    1. Thanks so much! It was hard not to just buy everything in the store. 😀

      1. Slice says:

        I’ve got a lot of asian-themed and inspired things I bought at whatever fair that was a couple months back, intending to do a layout with them. I still haven’t gotten around to it (or all the stuff from the rp/fantasy fairs). One of these days I’ll get inspired…

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