Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Do you ever have those days where you have so much to do, where your task list just seems to get longer and longer each day? Instead of crossing things off you seem to be adding them, one by one, until you have to turn the page and the things that were on the top of the list are now old and outdated?

Yea. Welcome to my “Want to Blog” folder.

I was all set to do some pictures and a post for OMGacha items when I got this sweet little crown dropped into my folder from ~*Souzou Eien*~. I thought I’d go ahead and blog that first and settled in to do that when, on top of my already distracted self, the best laid plans of this particular mouse were thrown out the bloody window because the doorbell rang and the nice little fed-ex man with his sexy shorts came jogging up the stairs of our condo building lugging my brand new computer.

I figure with so many large downloads which were going to have to happen, I’d get Firestorm and Photoshop installed first so the games I play and other things can download and I’ll still have something to do while that happens. So I popped in to do some photos and remembered, “Hey, you have that sweet crown… lets just do that..”

Several hours later after messing with settings to see just how high I could crank them before I crashed, I actually started fiddling with windlight settings to take the picture. Its been a good hour since then before I actually got one… because oh my god the settings. Wild, crazy shadows and settings that seem like a whole new world has opened up for me visually.

100% original mesh, the crown comes with a detailed HUD that includes not only poses, resizing and ultimately the script deletion but also the color options. 5 hammered metals for the crown, 6 leaf and vine colors, 5 metal spike colors and 10 rose colors. All of the textures are highly detailed and not just simple recolors at all which is something you don’t often see in jewelry or attachments.  This is one of the more intricate mesh designs from SE and I can’t wait to see more original mesh from SE.
The crown will be available this weekend in the Souzou Eien shop as well as on the marketplace. In addition to Thorned Imperial Crown, three other 100% original mesh crowns will also be available; a classic Kingly crown, a lolita-esque crown, and a crown draped in heavy chains. Can’t wait for that one myself.

Great for RP or just for fun.


Souzou Eien Direct Teleport

Souzou Eien on the Marketplace

3 thoughts on “Of Thorny Crowns and Jesters

  1. Rwah says:

    Awesome pictures! And that crown is to drool over. I love the textures and shape and and and well I want it badly!

    1. As soon as he releases it, I’ll update with an LM/Marketplace URL

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