Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

July is probably the busiest month in Second Life when it comes to events, shopping and as a result, blogging. I’ve got enough brand new items in my inventory just from OMGacha and July’s FaMESHed to last me a month of blog posts. So, naturally, I start it off with two completely unrelated items.

I’m just a different breed of cat.
Following my recent spaztastic response to JOMO’s open shorts for men and of course the fitted mesh plaid skirt for girls from Cracked Mirror which looks just fabulous on me and with the suspenders more resembles a kilt, it is with a glorious heart I slip into a second new release from JOMO: Summer Shorts. Lovely mesh shorts for guys, these come with the multi-color hud so you can wear any color of the rainbow.

JOMO doesn’t use the standard 5 sizes, though he does provide 5 of them. JOMO takes into consideration the larger thighs and slightly smaller waists in his mesh. One thing that is slightly frustrating is that these shorts and the open/closed jeans shorts aren’t sized the same. Were I had to wear a L size in his others, these I’m wearing the medium with a custom alpha instead of the one provided.  Depending on your sliders, your mileage may vary.

Lazing at the lake on the Naim Summer Raft, latest FaMESHed release from Cheeky Pea, is great for shorts, but in the afternoon hours between warm and cold where twilight lets us linger and dream, sometimes you just need to slip a light hoodie on and that’s where FATE comes in. One of the three recent hoodie styles released by Damien Fate, “Jeff” is a much more relaxed, slouchy around the house style. As with all of the FATE releases, you get the color changing HUD in the FATEpack with 18 color combinations to choose from.
There are three versions of the hoodie, just like the other two recent releases:  up + closed, down + closed and down + open. Additionally, there is an optional, color changing t-shirt you can wear with all three. Choose your alpha wisely, my child.

As I’ve only recently gotten into the habit of wearing mesh feet full time, and the (new to me, relatively by comparison to women) new shoes built specifically for the SLink feet, I finally picked up my first pair of sandals. From Pure Passion, these Roman Striped Sandals for men have got to be the easiest right-click -> add I’ve done in the history of Second Life. No adjusting, not futzing, no muss. And I love the way they look.

Time to sort through the amazing inventory onslaught that was OMGacha for tomorrow’s posts.



Style Card
Hair: Dura – Boy 40
Skin: Aeros Avatar Miles – Gin
Necklace: Punk’s Not Dead [PnD] – Tribal Tusk
Eyeliner: 22769 – Visage Guyliner
Hoodie: FATEwear – Jacket – Jeff
Shorts: JOMO – Summer Shorts
Hands & Feet: Slink AvEnhance (Feet Male Flat; Hands Male Relax)
Sandals: Pure Poison – Roman Striped Sandals – Men (SLink Flat)
Raft / Poses: Cheeky Pea – Naim Summer Raft (Available at July FaMESHed)

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