Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Brothers and sisters, its time to step up to the Eyeliner Altar. The hour has come to raise your arms in the air. The moment is now to throw your head back and shout with me, “Hallelujah!” Yes, faithful stalkers, the boyshorts of myth and mesh have arrived.

Say it with me, congregation, “BOYSHORTS!!!”

Worship the Boyshorts

Worship the Boyshorts

Zaaf and I have been lamenting for ages now that we want sexy boy shorts in mesh. Why, oh why, content creators, have we boys been so long ignored? Boardshorts in mesh were a start, of course. There are a great lot of mid-thigh and knee-length shorts in mesh out there for men. But when a Queen needs to show a little thigh, our options for good mesh shorts haven’t existed until now. And this is where we all join hands and praise Jomo for their newest release in two flavors: open crotch and regular closed shorts.

 [21:18] Zaaf Patrono (Zaafir Resident): "I'm in room 217 if you wanna'"

[21:18] Zaaf Patrono (Zaafir Resident): “I’m in room 217 if you wanna'”

HUD driven, there are 6 different textures for the shorts themselves; 4 different belt colors and 8 different underwear options on the open-crotch shorts. The legs of the shorts fold up and have a nice little pattern on them on both versions. The only thing I find mildly disturbing is that on the black underwear, there are little hearts and some cartoon characters that I don’t recognize. I think its a dinosaur. I.. am not sure.

Low-rise, hip hugging, ass-caressing, tight all around, ample package boyshorts. Say it with me again, faithful stalkers, “Hallelujah!”
Larger avatars may have a bit of trouble with these for sure. Zaaf and I both wear the large size and Orlando had to slide down his thighs a bit to fit. Smaller avatars shouldn’t have trouble at all with the small size, however.

I hope this is a new trend for designers and that others will hop on the delicious bandwagon that is boyshorts because, dammit, I want hot pants too! Little hotten-tot short-shorts maybe even with a little cheek hanging out the back.
Girls shouldn’t get all the slutwear.


Style Cards:

Shorts (Open and Closed): JOMO – Men MESH Shorts
Hands and Feet:  Slink AvEnhance (Feet Male Flat; Hands Male Relax)
Poses: Various poses no longer in world from Glitterati and Niquotine
Group pose: Image Essentials
Motel Sign: 7 Emporium – Motel Sign

On Zaaf:
Shirt:  Smart or Not – Cropped Shirt
MANDALA OKAKI Bracelets, Black
   Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye Stormy Blue (right)
   Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Stormy Sea (left)
Redgrave Eyelashes -41- Hollywood
Aeros Avatar Andreas Skin :: peach :: FX :: soft oil
Jalwa – Khaliji 5 Black
Monso- My Hair – Jay/ Light Blonde

On Orlando:
Skin: Aeros Avastar Andreas << 2013a Cream Smooth
Hair: ~ Tableau Vivant~ Vlodovic hair – Fall male
Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Bold Crucifix – Goth by Bcreative Wilde
Eyes:  FateEyes 3.0
Makeup:  .:Glamorize:. Guyliner Eye Makeup

On Draconias:
Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Giselle
Necklace: [MANDALA]Onigiri necklace/silver
Facial Jewelry: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Sweet Sheba Bindi & Brow Set (Currently only available at Genre) Later available in world and on Marketplace
Ears: [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Gelf Ears Pierced
+Nuuna+ Lyre makeup White
Dark Eyeliner – Custom, unavailable
Eyes: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Dragon’s Eyes

On Nigel:
Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Skin: Aeros Avatar Miles – Gin
Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
Eyeliner: 22769 – Visage Guyliner
Tattoo: Zentro – Dragon Biomechanic (MoH Hunt Item)
Necklace: JOMO – Necklace 8

6 thoughts on “Can I Have an Amen!

  1. brittainycollins says:

    so when i go buy these slutwear do i get boys included?

    1. A woman in your condition shouldn’t be shopping for slutwear or boys, missy.

  2. aryanna001 says:

    *throws up my hands* Testify!!!!

    I’m with Britt, I’ll buy if the boys are included. 😉

    1. We could arrange a rental, I’m sure, Ary.

  3. Rwah says:

    ill take the bodies.. leave the shorts 😛 but.. Hallelujah!

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