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Rhapsody opens today at noon SLT.  There are only a few events out there that I actively want to make sure I”m around for when they open so I can pound down the door of it and this one is one of them. This is about music, people. My passion, my life, my breath.

I’ve seen little snippets here and there of people’s projects for Rhapsody and I’m so insanely excited about this event to see everyone’s music themed projects that I don’t even have the right words for it to adequately describe it. I’m like my own personal Mervyn’s commercial. OpenOpenOpenOpenOpen.

As I was going a little ape at one of my friends, she effectively slapped a hand over my mouth by handing me her Blogger pack for the event. It was one of those kid brother moments that’s really cute, honestly. Later that night, when no one was looking, I snuck off and unpacked and played with the toys, had a giggle, and then put it away until closer to the event.

The Boyshorts, one night only.

The Boyshorts, one night only.

*~* Hopscotch *~*, by Chandni Khondji, has taken the Rhapsody theme by the horns and made one of the most fun photosets I’ve had the pleasure to laugh my ass off with my friends while using in a long time. Hopscotch got the ‘Classic Rock’ theme and she really outdid herself on this one. She has four different items for her offering and, as always with Hopscotch, the poses are unique and, as Bill and Ted would say, Exxxxxxxxcellent.

I would have to take approximately fifty million different photos to show you all of the possible combinations. No, really. Millions. There is room for 6 avatars on this stage in total, each of the six positions having 9 poses to choose from! Each pose is adjustable to fit the stage but you can also move yourself around the stage in all directions (within a limited area of course, scripts only allow for so much).

In addition to the poses, the backdrop screen has five handmade textures with classic anthems splashed across them including my favorite, a Spinal Tap reference. The stage is mod so you can change the size, colors of the lights, or even add your own textures to the backsplash if you with. 100% original mesh, poses, and work. It truly is a unique and fun item.

Along with the stage she has released two pose sets for the audience. “Dive In!” is a crowd surfing pose set which has spots for up to 5 people (four holding the surfer and then the crowd surfing miscreant above).

Dive In! The Boyshorts loft Chandni up in victory

Dive In! The Boyshorts loft Chandni up in victory

Also, she has the classic ‘sitting on someone’s shoulders’ pose but with this one, she’s got the arms reached up to the stage on both parties. Rather than use it as an audience pose, though, I chose to use it to show off the final piece in her package for Rhapsody, “Hang on Rocking” which is a mobile made of record albums. I’m having a hard time not wanting to put these all over my house and turn it into the record store from Pretty in Pink.

Hanging a Mobile

Hanging a Mobile

Everything is copy- all of the poses are mod- the stage is mod- and the total package is a real treat and a half for anyone who loves music.

Check out Rhapsody today starting at Noon SLT.



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