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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

And now, my faithful stalkers, once more into the pool of FATE do I dip, headfirst from the high-dive.  So, on retrospect, less of a dip and more of a TALLY HO!

Damien Fate has released 3 new hoodies from his signature label, FATEwear. Briggs, Jeff and Luc. I picked up the Luc fatpack, oh, pardon me, FATEpack, and have spent the last hour hopping around and playing with all of the different options.

"Open" version of FATEwear "Luc" hoodie with t-shirt

“Open” version of FATEwear “Luc” hoodie with t-shirt

Options, you say? Why yes. Options. There are three styles to choose from: Hoodie Up, Hoodie down, and Open. Open has the hoodie down as well. Besides the 5 sizes to choose from, there are also non-scripted versions which come in his standard palate. Included is a t-shirt to match all three styles.

As is usual with FATE, the simple HUD controls everything when you have the color options. 18 different color combinations in the fatpack to play with from black, white, red and a mustard jacket and unique colored piping. Additionally, if you wear the t-shirt that comes with it, you can change the color of the t-shirt via the same hud by simply clicking over to the ‘Sweater / Tee’ option. His standard HUD comes with 18 colors for the t-shirt as well so you can mix and match the piping if you want. The big plus here is that since it’s all the same HUD and same designer, you can be sure the colors will match.

"Down" version, closed

“Down” version, closed

The medium fits me like a glove and looks great so, as usual, I tried on the large as well. I’ve mentioned this before regarding some of the jackets I’ve picked up at Fate; the larger size doesn’t make me look like a pin-head with massive shoulders. It just looks like I’m wearing a jacket that’s a little too big. I absolutely love that effect. Because sometimes you just want a nice warm hoodie to curl up into.

Yes, I know its summer- but while most of you are out in the sun playing, its foggy and cold and raining. Welcome to San Francisco in June. Hi.

"up" version

“up” version

Adding to my FATE wardrobe is always a banner day in the Riel household because it means I have more items to perfectly throw on with the jeans and leathers he makes as well. I’ve blogged those before, but it bears repeating- get thee hence to pick up some of his trousers in the Billy series. If you’re looking for non-droopy ass, anti-bow-legged, nice package up front pair of trousers in mesh, FATE is one of the few designers in the business doing them well.

"Up" Version + Faded Billy Jeans

“Up” Version + Faded Billy Jeans

And now that I’ve most successfully sucked up in this post, what that I applied for blogging his FATEwear line, I think I’ll sign off and work on photos for the next post. (KIDDING!) In all seriousness I think the photos speak for themselves: colors, line, form, shadow, wrinkles, fit, style and versatility all in the same happy package.

Go forth young man and spend your Lindens wisely.

Mandatory artsy-fartsy shot with shadows (Down version + Billy Jeans)

Mandatory artsy-fartsy shot with shadows (Down version + Billy Jeans)


Style Card:
Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Skin: Aeros Avatar Miles – Gin
Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
Hoodie & T-shirt: FATEwear Jacket – Luc
Jeans: FATEwear Jeans – Faded Billy

Poses: 7 Emporium – Change Machine (Available at Level Up!)

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