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So while I’ve been curled up in a nice warm condo here in San Francisco, watching the fog roll in, most of the rest of the northern hemisphere is enjoying warm summer weather. Nothing kicks off summer better than Summerfest in Second Life.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon updating my beach with items from Summerfest. Ahh, shopping extravaganza, how I love thee.  Any bloggers out there in need of a place you can rez items and take pictures, feel free to come on down to Sandalphon’s southern Shore. I have build turned on so feel free to make yourself at home for your photos.

My Summerfest haul and photos will be coming in bits and pieces this week as I work through everything. First and foremost, I had to get ALL THE THINGS out on the sim.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

Awhile back on one of my early Saturday morning Neighbourhood runs, I came across the shop 11th hour. I’d been slowly picking up a lot of the decor for the house and one fine afternoon I slid in and there was this faaaaabulous boat bench sticking up out of the ground. Try as I might, I could not buy it as the creator, River Stromfield, hadn’t had a chance to set it out for sale yet. Thinking it was just me being stupid and not finding the right place to buy it, I IMed him because, y’know, can’t hurt right?

After a brief conversation, he send he’d send me the version I wanted, just send him the cash. I did- he crashed- never got the boat. Whoopse. Well, I figured he’d be back and we’d take care of it shortly.

And then I proceded to forget all about it. What? Like you don’t get distracted.

Cut to a week later and I get an IM from him profusely apologizing and giving me not only the Lindens back that I paid for the one version of the boat, but then he tossed me the fatpack instead that included all three paintjobs. Now THAT is customer service.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

The boat comes with 10 single poses and 9 couples poses. Made with AVsitter, natch, it is easy to adjust the poses to suit most avatar sizes and combinations with the easy save button. 11th Hour has a whole showroom full of unique and low-priced furnishings and decorations for home and garden.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

Style Cards:

Pose/Boat: 11th Hour – Re-purposed Boat Bench

Location: Sandalphon – Southern Shore

On Draconias:
Pants: *Fashionnatic* Isabel Spiked Pants
Necklace: [MANDALA]Onigiri necklace/silver
Facial Jewelry: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Sweet Sheba Bindi & Brow Set (Currently only available at Genre) Later available in world and on Marketplace
Ears: [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Gelf Ears Pierced
+Nuuna+ Lyre makeup White
Dark Eyeliner – Custom, unavailable
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Bambi Mesh Hair
Eyes: ~*Souzou Eien*~ Dragon’s Eyes

On Me:
Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Skin: Aeros Avatar Miles – Gin
Tattoo: Zentro – Dragon Biomechanic (MoH Hunt Item)
Bracelet: Mandala – Sankara Male Black (Available at TMD)
Trousers: ZED -Black Camo Cargo Shorts (June Group Gift)

on Both: Hands & Feet for Men by SLink

2 thoughts on “11th Hour for Summer

  1. Moriko Inshan says:

    Your sim looks beautiful!

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