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Sometimes, you just need to put on a warm hoodie and snuggle up inside of it to chase the demons away. Even the ones that are cute enough to sit on your shoulder and demand voting rights.

Mister Winter posted a picture of the new VRSION hoodie to his plurk timeline and it was one of those moments where Mr. Grabby Hands takes over and I have to drop what I’m doing and go get it. See, while the majority of you are sunning yourselves on warm beaches and playing games outside, here in San Francisco we’re gearing up for Summer in a slightly different manner: sweaters, hoodies and fingerless gloves.  We enjoy summer in late September and early October so right now, I get to indulge myself in a little off-season snuggly goodness as the fog blows in and coats us in windy oblivion.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

I think what I love the most about the hoodie is the materials. Its one of those things you put on and you can just instantly feel it. I love that about materials done well in Second Life. A very close second, perhaps even tied for first, is that the hoodie shape itself. Its not only big enough for you to wear hair, but you can wear a good bit of hair and not have it sticking out in all directions. Full disclosure, I did have to modify my Sadistic Hacker hair to wear it with the hoodie even still- but only the fly-away strands. I tried it with several of my mesh hair as well. It looked FAB from the front because, again, the size of the hoodie around the head gives ample room for hair.. but of course the top still stuck out.

Someday there will be a way to wear your mesh long hair and have a jacket, shirt, hoodie, or hat just override and hide the hair that isn’t inside. Maybe with that new mythical SL V.2, right?

The hoodie has unique lines, three distinct fabrics, and moves great in a variety of poses. Plus, y’know, cute as hell with the fins on the wrists and head. On top of all that goodness, Rain has done the full texture inside up the sleeves and inside the hoodie and it instantly reminded me of that insanely soft cotton fabric liner. PERFECT to curl up inside and go squee.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Draconias has put out three different Pride ring styles for Second Pride at his Souzou Ein pride booth; traditional band, band with a stones and a more decorative open style ring. Each comes with a HUD to change the colors of the band, stones and other bits. My favorite is the traditional band as he’s coded it with all manner of pride flags as textures: traditional rainbow, a glitzy rainbow, leather pride, bisexual pride, bear pride, genderfluid pride and more. Copyable, you can wear multiple rings and individually size and color each one via the hud by clicking on the ring you want to change and then use the hud.

Get Your Pride On!

Get Your Pride On!

So while most of the northern hemisphere enjoys warm weather, get out there in nothin’ but a feather boa and enjoy Pride Month.I’ll be snuggled up in my hoodie.
Style Card:

Hoodie: VRSION WASD – Draco Jacket – Fitted Mesh – Male
Shoulder Pet: Tiny Misery Bear – Stone Misery (Welcome Gift. Available at Second Pride Booth for signing up to the newsletter)
Hair: Sadistic Hacker – Claude (Modified for Hoodie) (No longer available in world- store closed)
Skin: Aeros – Miles – Gin (2014)
Eyeliner: 22769 – Visage Guyliner
Lip Piercings: .:ellabella:. Blance Piercings
Necklace: Illusions – Cord Wraps
Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) Male – Relax
Nail Appliers: By Snow – Fashionable Black
~*Souzou Eien*~ – Pride Colours Ring (Available at Second Pride Booth, Later at SE Store), EarthStones – Double Infinity, Joseppe Willis – Ring Male Trinity, EarthStones Dark Alchemy Wedding Set (His and Hers)
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchilde – S’Wear Moto Mens Pants – Ribbed Leather
Pose: Diesel Works – Drogo2 (New!)

2 thoughts on “Its Not Toothlessssssss

  1. Wow, gorgeous work, Winter and Draco (and I’m gonna have to buy me that hoodie)!
    Thanks for pointing my dwindling lindens at something that they want to turn into, Nigel. 🙂

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