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I’m never satisfied for long. Its true. Despite my infamous creature-of-habitness, when it comes to the sim we live on, I’m always tinkering, adjusting, playing, and changing. This is the main reason I don’t host a permanent mall-type or shops sim at all. I have to keep changing it around every time I get one of my hair brained ideas. Anyone dropping prims permanently on my sim knows the pain of, “Uhm, so.. I was thinking about moving…” Which is usually when I get smacked. But then sometimes, I get the idea for a whole new section.

Like, y’know, a movie theatre.

Zaaf Does Zimbabwe Parts I - III available on demand

Zaaf Does Zimbabwe Parts I – III available on demand

I used to get together with people and watch movies all the time in SL. It was always fun to sit around and MST3K and chat in text while watching something with friends. When I was overseas, I would watch movies with friends back home quite a bit and it was a great way to help feel connected to them, still. So I decided that Sandalphon needed a movie theatre. I was going to just put a big drive-in screen on top of a building with some seats but then I started looking at Mesh movie theatres and one thing led to another.

Nothing on the marketplace really fit the decor of the sim.  I demolished a section and started messing around and just wasn’t happy with any of the options. So you know what that means. SHOPPING! I am the proud owner of a great set from Every Pixel is Art, Downtown Ohio Builders Kit. And I’m buildin’ my own damn theatre.

What I love about this builders kit is that it comes with examples already done of course in several different styles (1 story, 2 story and 3 story + a 4-shops side by side) so I was able to easily pick up the buildings in the center of my sim that I had before and slap down the prefabs with a little adjustment et voila, it doesn’t look empty. I can now go in one at a time and take a building down, build my own, and still keep the sim looking normal while I tinker.
The Downtown Ohio Commercial Set comes with all of the individual building pieces (Floor, ceiling, roof, ground floor walls, entrance wall options, door, and additional level walls, awnings and shutters), all of the shadow maps, and all of the textures used in the prefabs. So I can really go to town crazy and make them completely unique buildings which I’m really looking forward to doing.

There will be a gaming hall because I’m addicted to both Cards Against Humanity and Greedy. Though I’ll have to get a new Greedy table since the one I have is ancient from waaaaaaay back on my very first sim. Like. When the game came out ancient. I’d love to have a SLingo game too or whatever they changed the name to when the Gambling rules all changed. Those were fun too. Set it to like.. 1L or something silly. But if memory serves, they’re terribad for lag.

Me and my June ZED Group Gift camo cargo pants are gonna go back to buildin’ now.


Location: Sandalphon (Available for Short-Term Events!)
Downtown Ohio Commerial Set – (epia) Every Pixel is Art
Deluxe Curved Mesh Marquee – Grebo Fright
Trees: Botanical – Linden Trees & Sugar Maple
HPMD (Happy Mood) – Garden Tree (Various)

One thought on “If You (re)Build It….

  1. Orlando says:

    I’m never sure where I’m going to wake up and I’m not even a drinker these days!

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