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Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

In the eight years I’ve been in Second Life, I’ve constructed many a cave; underground, in the air, skyboxes. Under cities, under castles, sprawling dungeons, subways and hide-a-ways. They all sucked.

Welcome to the next generation of Spelunking: The Fanatik Cave Set.

One of three entrances to the cave system

One of three entrances to the cave system at Sandalphon

This set has a pretty hefty price tag but in my opinion is worth every bit of it. The “basic”, and I use that term very loosely, set is comprised of 7 different tunnel connecting shapes, 5 chambers, 11 unique exterior design pieces, 15 interior design pieces, and 5 terrain toppers for those building above ground. In addition, there are 7 connection covers if you’re building out in the wild without mountains above.  There is already one expansion addon, the Lake Chamber (PG or Adult), which comes with sit positions for two avatars both solo and in couples poses.

100% mesh with physics, the connections are practically idiot proof. Put them at perfect 90 degree angles or make them cattywampus- its easy to make them match and fit both in size and texture. And speaking of textures, ermagherd, the textures are beautifully baked and after spending almost half an hour just cycling through windlight settings, I had to stop myself or I’d end up just sitting there slack-jawed and drooling at the pretty. They’re mod of course, so you can resize to your heart’s delight. The only caveat being that if you make them too small, the default camera view will spoil the experience as it will swing above the cave and ruin the mystery.

The set meshes, no pun intended, with the other island and rock formation packs from Fanatik swimmingly. I was able to demolish the corner of my sim and put up the mountain and blend it in with the existing Fanatik Rocky Mountain architecture.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably have no idea there were even caves down there.

Mountains over the cave system at Sandalphon. Caves? What caves? I don't see any caves.

Mountains over the cave system at Sandalphon. Caves? What caves? I don’t see any caves.

My particular build has been somewhat decorated inside- I have left a lot of room for photographers and explorers to drop their own poses and/or lighting options and props in many of the rooms.  I invite you to come explore and play and take pictures at my sim, Sandalphon. 



One thought on “Fanatic About Fanatik!

  1. Rwah says:

    Can’t wait to explore again Reverent!

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