Trials of Eyeliner

Comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy

Note: There was going to be a photo with this post, however, after getting everything set up to do the shot, I crashed and when I came back- it was allll gone. And not in my inventory either.  Stupid SL.
I made the decision last night to box some old system layer clothing. “But Nigel, just delete it! You’re never going to wear it!” you cry, throwing your hands in the air in frustration at my Luddite ways.

Yea. I know. Maybe. Probably. But you don’t know that.

… yea, ok. I know I won’t wear it again.

But you see, as I sat down and looked in a particular folder, I realized I was not just looking at a bunch of folders with X pair of pants on both the pants and underwear layer in 10 individual colors. I stepped back to the 10,000 foot view and realized I was looking at the entire collection of this designer’s SL-Life’s work through the years. And that gave me pause.

Shortly after my arrival in SL, I met someone, partnered, began this crazy journey in SL helping him run sims that included a mall. One of those designers had space in his mall and was the beginning of a very long and, still to this day, deep friendship which I treasure. Everything for men (and some of the women’s stuff that worked on men) that this designer has ever done is sitting in my inventory. I was the model for some of the ads, I snuck in late at night when no one was around and purchased items with the hope the transaction would be buried and not be noticed lest I get a sound beating for not just asking for it (Yea, as if…), or more often than not was just handed a stack of folders “This week’s releases, here darling!”

Yes, I’ve been a spoiled rotten Nigel for a long time. There’s even a mesh jacket named after me in the store. But now I’m just being arrogant.. back to the original thought here.

I couldn’t just delete them. Sure, I’m not going to wear these old system layer outfits anymore. But delete them? Perish the thought. I just… can’t.

So instead, I’m sitting here this morning amidst a sea of little .5 x .5 x .5 boxes with the store’s logo on them, painstakingly packing away all of these old items going back to 2006. It feels nostalgic and good. It brings back memories that make me laugh and sometimes even cause a little sniffle at missed chances and sad times. It feels like closing out a chapter and making way for the new without dismissing or sweeping it under the rug.

Its just SL, sure, but this represents someone’s hard work and labors of love. Hours upon hours of blood, sweat and tears in Photoshop to make virtual items for people to enjoy.

So often, we sweep away the old and forget about where we’ve come from and the path it can illuminate for the future if we just stop and look. Memory lane is fraught with potholes. But sometimes its just the shake-up we need to drive us forward and make the leap over the next hurdle with the support of what has come before.

Its definitely a good day, today. If anyone needs me, I’ll be up in the attic, packing away the trunks.



2 thoughts on “Up in the Attic

  1. Orlando says:

    Too often people say, “It’s just SL” and use that as an excuse to cause harm, mock, be cruel, etc. But, there are real people behind those keys, with real hearts, souls and feelings. We laugh, love and live in SL whether we are role playing or not. And sometimes we get lucky and meet a beautiful soul, like this designer, who becomes a real friend. And it’s a reminder that your actions in SL have a lasting effect and you can’t separate all those feelings. You will cause joy, hurt, love, laughter, jealousy, anger and all the rest because the people typing are real. But, it’s so worth it. Especially when some of them come with beautiful people attached to them.

  2. Deoridhe says:

    Given how our inventories are really bags of holding – where a thousand items can be carefully packed inside of a ring we wear on our finger, I don’t see the problem with packing things up and keeping them forever.

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