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Don’t worry, faithful stalkers, I didn’t disappear again!

Unfortunately, there was a death in the family so I took off for a week to escort mom back to her home town in the Midwest to attend the funeral and a week of family get-togethers. Thank god for mobile devices, I was able to log into SL and chat with friends on Plurk but other than that, all of the photos I did of items which I picked up before I left had to wait until I got back.  So while these items have been out for a bit, you can still go get’m and I’m just, as usual, a few minutes behind the curve.

But y’know, there’s an advantage to being late sometimes- I can combine items from several events into one blog. I’m tho thmart.


The one thing on my Ermagherd list for the Arcade this round was the Apple Fall Paris Loft Skybox. I’ve been traveling to Paris since I was in high school and have been many, many times. While living in London, weekend trips on the Eurostar were quite common. Outside of home, it is my favorite city in the world in which to spend time. I have to say, this skybox nails it. The building surround outside gives it a real blast of realism that, for me, makes this so comfortable. That surround is also the only downside to the skybox for me, though: No shadows! AF baked in some great shadows but when I really want to play with windlight, I have to remove the outer shell of the skybox. The box is fully modifiable so you can do so- just be careful! There’s not a copy! The detail work on all of the pieces from AF’s Arcade this round were just superb and certainly up to the quality you would expect.
Since finding men’s wear at Arcade is kinda like spotting a Sasquatch riding Nessie on a surfboard across Atlantis on February 29th, I decked out in some new acquisitions from We ❤ Roleplay. Yes, I actually shopped as well as poked fun at the attendees and their 2006 Ass-handbagesque mis-meshed attachments. The face-chains are unisex and were very easily resized to fit my face and only required minimal movement to make it perfect. The HUD comes with 6 different finishes for the metal which can really make it easily adaptable to any color scheme. My only complaint is that when it initially rezzes and if you make changes, you get this box over your face and suddenly look like a milk carton. Of course some people aren’t ever going to see anything but a box over your face. Make sure you’re ready with some cat jokes in that event.  The hat came from Eudora and is available in 5 different colors or as a fatpack. The shape and size of the hat make it easily wearable with almost all long-hair which is a first. Most hats you have to resize to a point of silly to get it to cover a lot of the mesh long hair out there so I was pleasantly surprised that this one didn’t fall into that category. The detail and styling of this Steampunk hat itself is so beautiful; the wear of the textures, the color change of the metal, and the different images you can get on the faceplate on the front. Easily resized and moved via HUD menu as well, this is a must in any Steampunk collection.
The final piece of the We ❤ Roleplay purchases were the Aragon boots from Just Design. They’re not featured in that first photo because the original release had a terrible rigging error, much to my dismay. I had tried the demo and they looked great- but silly me, I didn’t sit in them or I would have seen it first. However! Don’t let that stop you. I dashed a note off to Coral, JD’s customer service rep, with photos showing the knee of the left boot where the rigging was broken and within 24 hours, the creator had redone the boot and updated the package.  If you did purchase them and haven’t already, make sure you hit up the redelivery terminal for a new pair.  JD was outstanding in not only in how quick they were fixed, but very courteous.  So I was able to shoot them with my Men’s Department finds the next day.

The HUD on the boots can change the metal, boot, straps and buckles. They’re available in different colors as well as, of course, the fatpack for any occasion. Having over-the-knee boots for men that fit around the thighs is like a dream nirvana. Especially when the alpha is so well done that you can’t see anything peeking under the tops at all, either. My only thought is that, as usual, the feet are actually rather small. I’ve seen this a lot in mesh boots where the length of the foot is a little shrimpy for us guys. Though it could also simply be that I’m so tall, the foot looks disproportionate. Your mileage may vary.

The shirt, wall rack, bracelets and chair are all from The Men’s Department this round. I was quite pleased to find all of these- especially something new from Scars! I love a good hoodie and am particularly fond of three-quarter sleeves. Cory did a great job, as always, on the animations for the chair from Trompe and the style as well! It’s a very masculine build and I love the sheet-metal look. All of the animations in both the PG and Adult versions are made for men and don’t look at all like we’re either cramming ourselves into an animation meant for someone smaller or like prissy, femmy queens. Even those of us that have our moments. *hairflip*

The new bracelets from Mandala really made my toes curl. 5 different combinations of bracelet in the set for left and right individually. All of course resizable and available in, I believe, 4 different colors (Black, brown, greenish and white if memory serves. I just picked up the black ones, natch).

I am finding that with the men’s SLink hands, I’m having to redo all of my bracelet resizing and the older ones where I ripped the scripts out are now SOL and don’t fit even remotely.  They’re also a little harder to make them fit the tapered wrist correctly; the bracelet meant to be right up against the hand always ends up huuuge compared to the just-barely-fit around the forearm bracelets. More fiddling must commence.

I still have so much to sort through and there’s C88 and ten-billion other events for Summer which opened I have to get to, sort, shop, and play through.

Watch. This. Space!



Style Card:
Hair: (Shots 1 & 2) Exile – Nothing Else Matters
Hair: (Shot 3) – /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Necklace (Shot 1&2) – L&B – Chinese Coin
Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
Hat: Eudora – 3D Steampunk Dynamite Hat (Fatpack) (Available at We ❤ Roleplay)
Skin: Nivaro – James – Light Tone – Hairy – Shaven – Bald (Link goes to Demos)
Facechain: Sad Harlequin – Facechain Classico – WACE (Available at We ❤ Roleplay)
Tattoo:  ZENTRO – Dragon Biomechanic (MoH Hunt Item)
Waist Chains: MG – Hip Chain – Babette – Black Jet and Silver
Pants: sf design – stud leather jeans open lowrise
Boots: Just Designs – Aragon (Fatpack) (Available at We ❤ Roleplay)
Shirt: (Shot 3) …Scars… Turtleneck Hoodie (Available at TMD)
Bracelets: Mandala – Sankara Male Black (Available at TMD)
Chair/Pose (Shots 1 & 2) The Wooden Chair V2 – Image Essentials
Chair/pose (Shot 3): Trompe Loeil – Aeronaut Chair Black (Available at TMD)

Shot 1 & 2 Background:
Apple Fall Skybox – Paris Loft – Rare (Available at The Arcade)
Apple Fall Sketchbook, Portable Vintage Camera & His Sideboard Rare

Shot 3 Background:
Skybox: Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft – Dark
Wall Rack: Kalopsia – Metal Collection (Available at TMD)

6 thoughts on “Event Mash-up

  1. That last photo looks… uncomfortable *laugh*

    1. I actually really love that pose. I know, I know, I’m weird.

      1. It’s a terrifically well-done pose! Just looks uncomfortable. 😀

  2. Zaaf says:

    I was thinking a different adjective, Nath. 😀

  3. Zaaf says:

    *bites his tongue*

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