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Nigel Riel: /me grins and shares the conversation going on over here since Paul sent out the t-shirt:
Nigel Riel: Orlando Gascoigne: if Paul was queer I’d so blow him for making this t-shirt set
BastChild Lotus: God I missed you two so much!!!!


…and that’s how my evening got going once L&B sent out the blogger packs for his new mesh t-shirt collection. Y’all know what a whore I am for Lapointe and Bastchild.  I make no secret of my near fanboyish worship of their items. So when the little blue box of joy popped up it was like the old days of hearing “You’ve Got Mail” from the other room… before I go screaming into my inventory like a wee lass hunting eggs at Easter.

No stranger to the color/texture changing HUD, Paul has out done himself with this new, 100% original mesh t-shirt from the S’wear line. “Classic” T-Shirt, Graphics Edition comes in 8 rigged mesh sizes (Yes, you read that right, 8!) with over 41 different graphics to choose from in addition to 16 plain colors. That’s 57 different shirts in one pack for $399. Not only that, but there are two versions of the shirt: One that’s got a little tuck-lift which fits superbly over jeans or leathers and one that hangs down over the top. So technically, over 100 shirts. Beat THAT with a stick.

Every design has been painted on to fit the body perfectly. The baked shadows and highlights work against every windlight setting and local light add-ons I could throw at it. This baby just sings.

In order to showcase more than just one of the images, I wrangled Zaaf and Orlando into posing for me so we could show off three different designs per shot. And, well, ok, so I could take pictures of hot guys.

Why no, I don’t have any shame. How ya doin?
Both my /wasabi pills/ and Orlando’s *X*Plosion hair flowed perfectly over the fabric. Most of Zaaf’s did but some of the wilder, blonde ends played havoc with the sleeves though a lot of that was just the posing. How our long hair works with mesh jackets and shirts is one of the things I look at when trying on demos and this passed for sure. The collar is wide enough for most short necklaces and, while I took it off for the photos so you could see the shirt in its entirety, the longer necklaces I had on didn’t look pinched off at the collar, rather, it just sat on top the mesh was so tight to the chest.
And while its just my wild guess, I’d wager there will be expansion packs for the shirts at some point like they do with their other HUD driven clothing items. The tuxedos and jackets have had subsequent additional colors and designs for example. So this pack just will get better with age.

So come with me, my faithful stalkers, and get thee hence to the marketplace or visit in world. Grab a demo, get in style. Never want for a quick t-shirt to put on EVER AGAIN.
Say it with me, men. “Thank you, Paul.”



Style Cards:

S’wear Mesh from Lapointe & Bastchild: “Classic” T-shirt Graphics Edition

On Orlando (The redheaded bratling)
Hair:   *X*plosion JayDee Unisex
Eyes:  FATEeyes 3.0
Collar & Cuffs:  T.E.D. Teguan
Pants:   L&B Swear Jeans “Classic” Tucked w/Belt
Boots: .:L&B:. “Gothic Platform” Croc&Steel
Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Guyliner
Jewelry:  +grasp+ Cross Pierce,  LBB ObssessionLBB Perfect Drug,  {GD} Nose Chain (No longer in world),  +ROZOREGALIA+ *Gazeliver* Rings & Nails for Men
Skin:      Aeros Andreas
Tattoo:   [addiXion] Half Tribal Full Body

On Zaaf (The blonde pretty boy)
Jeans:  FATEwear Jeans – Skinny Billy – Void (Low)
Boots:  ZED MESH Black 2-Tone Python Leather Ankle Boots
Hat:  Dallas’s Western Gear – Hombre – Hidalgo Edition – Silver
Jewelry:  ROZOREGALIA *NORNIR* LIP PIERCEMANDALA OKAKI Bracelets, Black,  Shi : Journey Earring [Unisex)Exquisite You Have My Heart Silver Groom’s Ring,   JCNY – LEGENDS, MENS Family Name Ring
Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye Stormy,    Redgrave Eyelashes -41- Hollywood
Skin:   Elysium – Elias (dark brows/happy trail) – tan,   Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) Male – Relax
Hair:   Exile::Far Behind Light Blondes & Nothing Else Matters – Light Blondes

On Nigel (Yours truly)
Hair: /wasabi pills/ – Erik – Night Shadow
Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0
Skin: Nivaro – James – Light Tone – Hairy – Shaven – Bald (Link goes to Demos)
Ears: Mandala Steking V4
Lip-rings: .:ellabella:. Blance Piercings
Necklace: Illusions – Cord Wraps
Bracelets: Mandala – Sinra2 Set – Samurai Black , +grasp+ Group Gift
Rings: EarthStones – Double Infinity, Joseppe Willis – Ring Male Trinity, EarthStones Dark Alchemy Wedding Set (His and Hers)
Jeans: L&B – S’wear Moto Men’s Jeans
Boots: L&B – S’wear Classic Biker Boot

3 thoughts on “You Always Win With A Classic

  1. Digital Enigma says:

    *coughs* I’ll be in my bunk!

    Actually I have said that in rp on my bishi.

  2. Rwah says:

    Thank you Paul, now make girly ones as well please. Pretty Please with a donkey on top. Love the tshirts, love the pictures & the writing. It’s good to see you back!

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